How do you minimize beauty-product clutter?

  1. Or do you just have dozens of products and not care about clutter? ;)

    Personally, as a major product junkie who used to own WAY too many products, I now have a couple of rules for myself.

    -I don't buy more makeup than I can fit in my makeup bag. If it's overstuffed, then I have to clean it out and toss some things I don't use before I can buy anything more.

    -I try not to buy anything unless it's a replacement for something I've run out of.

    -I do keep backups of a few products, but very few. It's only the things that I adore and know I'm not going to switch brands on. For example, I keep an extra Dove deodorant around at all times so I don't have to freak out and immediately run to the drugstore when I use mine up, but I've been using that brand for 5 years and I know I will continue to do so.

    -I try not to own multiples of things that basically serve the same purpose. For example, I can only have one red lipgloss at a time, not 10 different shades of red.

    How about you?
  2. Those sound like good rules of thumb to me, I should asspire to them. I have one of those Rubermaid sink tubs in my closet that has all of my packages of extra toothbushes, floss, mascara, samples etc in it. I have been attempting to streamline my beauty products lately, it is a long and painful process. I had way too many shampoos and conditioners, some were 10 years old! I tossed a bunch of stuff and have been trying to use the rest before I buy any more. Makeup wise, I tend to keep that stuff pretty up to date, especially mascara which I replace every month. I can accumulate too much makeup for my own good though. Odd that you posted this today, I have been going through my stuff to weed out the undesireables, cleaning my makeup brushes, and reorganizing for the past few hours lol.