How do you measure your self-worth?

  1. You see, my friend has a constant need to be in a relationship, for some reason he feels that if he doesn't have a girlfriend then life for him is miserable. I suppose that is how he measures his self-worth, which makes me sad. I care more about grades since we are both only in our second year of college. So how do you guys measure your self-worth? Is is by material items? Number of friends? Family? Love life? Number of degrees?
  2. I used to measure it by degrees, salary, etc. and now I've realized that if I haven't smiled at all in a single day, what's the point? Nowadays, the happier I am, the better I've been taking care of myself, usually. I go by that measure.
  3. Not from one thing specifically, but if I get slow at work I tend to get depressed, like I feel like I'm just wasting away.
  4. iv been stuck in a complete rut the last few weeks. falling behind with university work, no money, family sickness, the list just goes on but iv had a great day today. the sun is shining iv got my summer clothes out of storage and had a nice long lunch with SO. i feel so much happyer and better about myself today.:flowers:
  5. usually my career, but i do get depressed if i don't look a certain way or i am not a certain weight :sad:
  6. I set goals for myself and see if I can achieve them. I've accomplished all but one educational goal (want to get my PhD), met my current career goal (but need to set a new one), and have been able to reach my goal of being a mother. I now need to set some personal goals for my mental/emotional health because I am seriously lacking in the happiness with myself department at this time.
  7. The number of seconds I can do a keg stand...duh!
  8. Unfortunately, I think it has a lot to do with my looks. I feel so HIGH when I get compliments. Also when I get congrats on my education, educational goals. I got into 5 law schools & when people get impressed, it makes me feel good.

    I wish I wasn't so hung up on my looks. It's sad that weight gain/loss, good/bad hairdays, glowing/dull skin can make SUCH a difference in how I see myself. Very shallow, very materialistic.

    I know that when I stay busy, volunteer, do charity work... I feel better. There are so many more important things in life than looks, $, material items, but it's hard to remember that!:weird:
  9. My self worth comes from my faith first and foremost. I am truly a content person naturally and don't allow things to get me down. I'm happy with who I am---even on my 'fat days' Being a good person.. Having a beautiful family (husband, kids, immediate and extended family--including in laws)--good friends---good health are tops! I'm truly thankful for my blessings. Everything else---education, financial stability, nice home, nice cars, material things..I have all of those things...but that's just icing for me. I'm proud of all of these things but I don't measure my self worth by these. When I was younger I did but being older---you learn what is truly important in life.
  10. I am always worth it.
    That's why I hold myself up to high standards.

    Don't ever measure yourself by anything other than yourself. You are always worth it.
  11. If God loves me, who am I not to?
    Of course I have days where I just can't stand myself but then I get over it. I measure my self worth by how much I do to help others. That makes God happy so it makes me happy!
  12. By how happy my kids are. When I think that I have done a good job in raising them then that makes it all worthwhile for me.
  13. :dothewave: Way to Go Charles!!:roflmfao:

    I have 'self worth' letters from when I was poorly in rehab - they're a good mood balancer as all my peers in the clinic had to write one for me, one side all the assets in my personality & why I'm worthwhile & one side all the things that might stand in the way of my recovery. I was supposd to burn them when I left the clinic but I smuggled those suckers out!

    Also, turning 25 made me realise my self worth - being able to stand in a room at my birthday party surrounded by people who loved me made me realise that hey, I might have a lot of weight to lose and I might be 10 years off where I want to be career wise but I'm a good person & fun to be around :wlae:
  14. Exactly what I was thinking! I have a great husband & I'm happy with who I am as a person however my greatest achievement is my boys. Raising them to happy, caring & well adjusted is my ultimate goal. Knowing they need me as much as I need them. When they look at me & say "I love you mommy" that reminds me how worthy I am! :p
  15. I let my conscience do the talking. At the end of the day, if I feel good about what I've done that day and what's going on in my life, then I am happy. :happydance: