how do you manage to use all those wallets?

  1. i've been seeing a lot of pics lately of what/how much you can fit in a XYZ bag, and i've noticed that a lot of people have a long checkbook/envelope wallet, a mini skinny, and plus/minus a wristlet in their bags.

    i was just wondering how you manage to use all of them? do you switch it up everyday or do you use them all? i just got a mini skinny and an envelope sized wallet (non coach tho) and maybe it's me but i'm sort of lazy when it comes to wallets and switching things in and out of them. debating on whether to return one of them...
  2. I'm lazy too, I just have one wallet and I just move it from bag to bag.
  3. I switch out. No big deal.
  4. Me too. Well I wouldn't say that I'm lazy, but I'm just very picky about wallets so I just find one I love and use that. I have no need for a mini skinny and my one and only wristlet I only use when I just need the few essentials.
  5. well for me the wallet has all my cards, id, cash, recpits, etc. whereas the mini skinny has all those frequent buyers cards on the key ring and coins in the pouch and business cards on the outside pocket, and the wristlet has all of my makeup. so i essentially use them all in one day.
  6. Ditto^^
  7. This describes my usage to. :yes:

  8. Yep, same here.
  9. I have only one wallet. Now I'm using the minny skinny to keep my ATM, health insurance cards and cash. That way I only take that out.
  10. ^^I don't have a mini skinny, but I do have an ID holder that I got from an outlet about 3 years ago. I have a Soho wallet that carries everything but my ID, insurance and debit cards. Those items go in my holder so I dont have to lug my wallet out every time. The ID holder fits perfectly into the pocket next to the cell holder inside my bag for easy access.
  11. I carry a multifunction wallet and a wristlet.

    wristlet has cash, debit card, license, dunkin donut/starbucks gift cards, receipts and change.

    I'll switch out the wristlet if i change bags.

    the multifunction wallet holds those store credit cards, my major CC, insurance cards, AAA card, etc...stuff like that I don't need every day...but still need to have.

    that pretty much goes with whatever bag i'm carrying.

    but if I choose to use one of my large zip around, 12-CC-slot wallets, I'll ONLY carry that.
  12. I bought a wallet that would go with all my bags - I don't like to empty out my wallet and change it every day. So I got the Legacy leather french purse in black. I have a wristlet for lipstick, tide pen, etc. I also carry a mini skiiny - which I put a few dollars in every day to save up for my next coach purchase. Both my wristlet and mini skinny are soho kahki signature so they go in all my purses. I pretty much just dump the contents of one purse into the next.
  13. I'm glad someone posted this. I really think the wristlets are cute but i've been wondering how I could rotate mine into a use on a daily basis. Now I know! :smile:
  14. I use them all the exact same way also.
  15. I just bought a multifunction wallet during the Macy's F/F sale; it holds everything I need and it has such easy access to my cash. Since I take the train into town everyday, I also use a Vera Bradley ID holder since it has the window and I can keep my T Pass visable without taking it out; the pass is actually zipped inside and kept safe. I would love to get a mini skinny too but I realized I wouldn't get use out of it.