How do you manage to discipline your baby after he/she just has been sick?!!

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  1. Hi ladies, hope to get some tips from you on that. My 19 month old just recovered from a very bad flu, and it totally changed his personality!! He used to be a very calm, happy, agreeable baby, and now he became very demanding, irritable and fussy. He does not want to get off your hands, let alone be left with a caregiver. I know he is fully recovered in a physical sense, but how do you get your sick kids back on track mentally?? I know that distraction is a best tactic, but none worked for me so far! Please share your experiences on that! TIA!:heart:
  2. This is such a hard question. It really does come down to individuals.
    I always go down the strict route.
    I find it easier to set the ground rules & not budge, have a painful couple of hours but then praise the good behaviour when it comes through.

    I know from personal experience that this is a tricky time as dd (2) had a chest infection last week & was very upset & i did pamper her, she was allowed her dummy all the time & was allowed to watch lots of TV. As soon as she had the all clear she went cold turkey. I did give her lots of attention - we did lot's of puzzles & read lots of books but she still had a few tantrums over the idiot box but then she came round.
    Good luck
  3. This is hard because things that you work so hard to accomplish can be totally wiped out from an illness. I am sorry to hear that your baby was sick. I remember whe we would have our son totally in his crib finally then he would get sick and it would undo all of the work that we did. I think your baby is probalby used to the rules being bent and al of the extra attention. What happens from the parental side is that we feel bad that they were sick and don't want them to suffer any more so we give in to them so that they won't be miserable anymore. Do you have a hip hammock ? Maybe you could strap the baby to you when you are home and eventually he will seek his freedom and feel secure enough to venture off on his own. I don't have any advice for leaving him with a caregiver. That is probably something you just have to do and try to to get too upset but try to leave tips for the caregiver on how to deal with his separation anxiety since this can be a huge source of stress. He is used to having you there all of the time to meet his needs but what can you do you have to work right ? It can be hear breaking but he will get past this and not even remember ! Usually we are the ones who suffer and agonize the most.
  4. Thanks ladies!! It just breaks my heart to hear him crying! I guess I am thinking he will's just surprises how that experience changes I said, he was not demanding at all he is not even interested in TV! all he wants is to sit on my lap! The only thing that distracts him is playing with his older brother (5), but then they both get overexcited, so I can't pull this one for too long! :confused1: