How Do You Make Yourself Go To The Gym?

  1. What gets you to the gym? Do you go AM or PM? No matter when i decide to go I ALWAYS talk myself out of it before its time to go :shame:
    How do you make yourself go? How long did it take until it got easier? :sad:
  2. It's tough getting started but it does get easier the more you go. :yes: I like to think of going to the gym as MY time, time just for myself, almost like a spa. I'm taking care of my body, getting a great workout, and then I love scrubbing down in a long, hot shower! It also helps if your gym is nice. ;)
    But good for you, cherthompson, for making an effort to improve yourself! Good luck!
  3. First off, my gym membership is very expensive. I pencil in days through my schedule book that are gym days. There isn't a thought about not going when I have it in my book.

    Knowing that you really can sculpt a great body, mind and soul, is enough for me to do this life long. I push myself harder to achieve better personal goals and a more defined & toned body. I guess once you see results, it becomes addicting.

    I usually give myself one or two days of rest, and those are the days I feel most anxious and antsy. I suppose you can try to get a friend for support to join you, or take a class.

    Fire up some great music so you have motivation when doing cardio and weights.

    The gym should never be a dreadful experience, but one that lifts you up and encourages you to keep moving forward! Good luck :smile:
  4. ^^ I want a piece of your mind!! You could be our guru with positive thinking like that!!
    I truthfully do not go unless my gym buddy goes. When we are together we work out everyday (other than weekends) like crazy. But we have avoided eachother for the past three weeks... Now I feel like a blob.
    It's time to get back into it!!
  5. Apparently it takes 5 to 6 weeks for something to become a habit.

    I was told to find a workout that leaves you tired but invigorated, overdo it and you dread going back. I'd suggest trying to re-vamp your workout find something that works for you make it no more than 60 mins of hard work maybe 30 mins cardio followed by 30 mins strength training 3 times a week, overdo it and you dread going back.

    Hope you find your motivation again coco.
  6. I have a trainer I work with once a week, so that sort of makes me have to do that. Other than that I like to walk in the park and I enjoy it so I do it. I keep thinking of joining a gym, but I don't have time to go. I need to make myself do my pilates at home more.
  7. I pay a lot of money. Also I go in the morning on the elliptical in my complex before breakfast and then in the evening to the real gym. I'm gonna start at my local bikram studio in a couple weeks. Then I'll have 3 yoga days and 3 gym days a week.
  8. I am the same way! But most of the time I just force myself to go before any doubts settle in so I can't talk myself out of it.
  9. I go in the afternoon, around 4:00 or so. I basically guilt myself into going.

    I go for cardio only so I'm only there for 35 minutes. I figure I can usually spare that amount of time out of my day. So far, it has worked for me. I have been exercising for the past nine years.
  10. My gym closes at 11, so lately I make a point to go somewhere between 9-10:15. Then I tell myself - at the MOST I only have to stay until 11! That's when the gym closes :smile: And when I get there, I'm always glad I go. I don't hate the gym, just the drive over!

    Some of the machines at my gym has TVs, and I used to watch a lot of TV, so I'd plan for 20-30 minutes of weights and then an hour of TV time either on the elliptical or a bit of jogging/running. That worked pretty well except now I don't watch much TV so I don't care about missing shows.

    I used to listen to music but it didn't work well for me because I get bored of the same music quickly, plus my iPod broke as well.

    In the past few weeks, I've found that magazines pass the time quickly, and make me excited about working out. Glamour, Vogue, Cosmo, People, In Style, ect... Most of the tabloid glossies are silly but there are usually a few on the magazine rack and they don't take much energy to read. Before you know it, an hour and 400 calories have passed.

    Good luck :smile:
  11. I'm going on a cruise in October to the Caribbean and I want to look good for it. Thats my biggest motivation right now.
  12. I go everyday (except fridays - cuz I feel like such a loser if i go friday nites) and the first 2 yrs were difficult. But I've realized that although you dont feel like going or are tired...just put on ur gym shoes and get in ur car. By the time you get to the gym U're ready to go! I always tells myself, "Self, today's we're going to stay only 45 mins". But i always end up staying hour half to 2 hours.

    And dont start out doing cardio that's too harsh on ur body, you'll get discouraged from the after effects of it. Like this one time I decided that I'm going to run 5 miles in 45 mins instead of my usual 4. Well big mistake, because for the next 2 weeks I didnt want to run to avoid feeling like I did.

    Good luck! The gym is an awesome place.
  13. well, i invested in some work out clothes that i LOVE, some good shoes, and an ipod shuffle full of motivating music. i go early evening, arouind 4 or 5 and switch my routine up often. i go 4-5 days a week. i started about 3 1/2 weeks ago and am still feeling good about it.
  14. I'm NOT a morning person, so I tend to get to the gym late at 11pm at night. I joined a 24 hour gym because of this. I think working out when you're not super tired is half the battle, so figure out when you're not tired and ready to get busy. Is that in the morning? Lunch time? Afternoon, or later at night? After you figure that out, it's much easier.
    For additional motivation, I tend to look at male (maybe female for the girls) models or read about fitness. Something to get my mind in the frame of working out. Then, I just do it.
    Keep in mind that when you're done, you're going to feel so much better.
  15. I try and think of it as a necessary thing such as brushing my teeth. I also feel better when I go. I like to see the changes in my body and the fact that my clothes fit better!