How do you make time for all of your bags?

  1. Ok I need some help. I have 10 Coach bags and I feel like I am neglecting 9 of them when I am wearing the other 1. How do you all that have more than 1 Coach change from one bag to the next? Is it by month, occasion, season? I love them all and want to get time in with all of them. I hate that they are sitting in dustbags. I thought of maybe taking them out and putting them on a little display instead of storing them in dustbags. I have accessories that match each one (i.e. wallet, wristlet, and/or coin purse).

    Here is what I have:

    Medium Carly in Parchment
    Legacy Shoulder in Whiskey
    Soho Signature Studded Large Hobo
    Signature Soho Hobo Small in white
    Signature Khaki Top Handle 7059
    Legacy Stripe Pouch
    Leather Small hobo
    Black Soho Large Hobo 10601
    Legacy Shoulder Cotton Tote
    Soho Stitched Leather Large Hobo

    Any suggestions will help! :hysteric:
  2. The ones I have now are the basic colors (black duffle, khaki hobo and swingpack, and brown small flap), and I just rotate them out to match whatever I'm wearing that day. I'm constantly looking and planning to buy more, so I may be in your same situation in a few months!!
  3.'s addicting.

    That's the thing...I don't want to sell any of them because I spent a lot of time picking each one out, hunting for it, etc. They are all different but I love em all!

  4. I know how you feel (yet somehow I keep wanting more bags)! I rotate mine usually by the week, but switch things up for special occassions.

    If I feel there's a bag I haven't been using as much, I will usually try to work it into a "line up". Some bags, like suede ones that can't be worn every day, I'll use just on weekends when weather permits.
  5. Yeh, sounds good. I have a couple suede bags that I don't want to ruin. I live in Florida and rain is unpredictable sometimes!

    I know what you mean about wanting more...but, then I remind myself how much I am not using the one's I have. I am going to wait until a new bag comes out in March. That will give me time to cycle through my current collection.

    I think I might just make a list of the bags and rotate down the list. Then I don't feel like I am neglecting any of them.

    Sound good? Any other suggestions? :shame:
  6. i usually just switch out every week :smile:
  7. I haven't been rotating since Christmas when I started carrying the whiskey shoulder. I used to change out about once a month, I have 10 bags that could be used daily and 2 small ones.
  8. handbag ashley:

    I just rotate with what I am wearing. I tend to wear mostly
    brown handbags. Now I am basically wearing my Pond Legacy
    Shoulder Bag and the Ali bag in whiskey. I am going to buy a new
    Soho black leather satchel this week so I will want to wear that as
    well. I just sold four bags to make room for my new ones. I still own
    at least thirteen bags and am planning on buying at least three more.
    I just try to wear what I like. Why don't you just match your bags too
    your outfits, in that fashion you will rotate your bags. My suede bags I
    wear only in good weather so they don't get worn that often.:yes:
  9. I was actually thinking that my next bag to switch to would be my whiskey legacy shoulder. HEHE. I think it's because I just got the legacy stripe french wallet that would go nice with it.:graucho:
  10. Add to your list a few more Coach and some Louis Vuitton and I soooo feel your pain.

    I rotate every few days. (And for me that is a chore, as I have matching wallets for most things. LOL.)

    I've been using my Soho Leather Mahogany hobo right now with my lips charm. (with my first Coach wallet, Aqua Pebbled Wristlet and Juicy Mini Skinny -- the aqua matches it perfectly).
  11. Yeh, that's my problem. I have to switch the wallet too. I'm thinking on a weekly basis would be good, because then I could cycle through all of them in a little over 2 months. Not bag. Thanks for the suggestion Krispin!
  12. There's another good idea! :yes: The thing is...I tend to wear a lot of the same thing. I am a teacher and need to be comfortable, so it's usually pant (khakis of varying shades, capris, or black pants) and shirt. So I think any of my bags really go with that. I don't wear a coat because I live in FL. Well, I have for the past week, but we only have bad weather for 2 weeks out of the year.
  13. accessories, no clue!
  14. I've been contemplating some sort of rotation myself. I thought I might do a weekly or bi-weekly rotation so all my bags get used. (I have 8 right now) I can't believe I used to be the kind of person who bought one bag and used it until it was falling apart and was an embarrassment to my dh!
  15. Yeh, I used to do that too. I would get tired of whatever bag I had and sell it on eBay then buy a new one. Now I am addicted to having a collection I love! :drool: