How do you make sure you insure all of your stuff correctly?

  1. Hello!

    One of my friends had his house broken into and had a bunch of things stolen - I do have insurance, but how do I make sure all of my handbags/clothes is covered? Do you take pictures - I have some receipts, but not all...

    Any advice?:flowers:
  2. I handle commerical lines and not personal lines, but I'm pretty sure if you have an Insurance agent they can help you with this tremendously.

    I believe on your Homeowners/renters policy you have a personal property limit. Just make sure that this limit/amount is accurate to the value of your belongings at your home. For your higher valued items it would be good to take pictures and keep receipts. If you have a really expensive items like jewelry, art, antiques, etc. you can buy a policy specifically for them that will provide better coverage than your homeowners/renters policy.

    I hope this helped some.
  3. If you have items that are worth over a certain amt. (talk to your agent) it might be a good idea to have a personal articles policy. We have one that covers my diamond ring and a large oil painting. I don't have my bags covered. There's a limit to how high we want our premiums to go. Take a video of your things, tho. My son's house was broken into and vandalized last spring, and his video helped tremendously in making the claim. They won't pay what it costs to replace items, just what the depreciated value is, so at best it's a compromise.