How do you make (print, cut, etc.) a really nicely made portfolio?

  1. I've learned in school how to make a digital portfolio but I need a physical one... and made like a DESIGNER made it (talking graphic design here.)

    I've seen some that are cut so they are entirely elongated and printed on really nice paper stock.

    How in the world do I do this? Anyone know? I also have a bit of a time crunch because this opportunity came to me out of nowhere! It's best to always have something ready to go but I don't... any tips as to what may be the next best thing? Something that will look nice, preferably where to get nice paper and nice prints (Or I could just do it myself on campus with the good printers...? Cut it myself-- anyone know the best tools?)

    I haven't asked anyone yet and I will be on campus today, but just in case I don't get any good answers there I wanted to ask here if anyone knows. My college is so small... but I know people don't have any portfolios made but my mission today is to find someone who does and ask my instructors for help, too.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. very carefully!
    i need to do this (again) as my stuff has changed since school so i can be up to date when i'm ready for job change.

    If you are using mat board to mount your projects:
    i would suggest taking it to a framing place that cuts mats. they will use their mat cutter and make them perfect for you. I think at Hobby Lobby they charge the price of the mat board (which is around $5-6) plus 25 cents per cut.

    make sure everything is mounted (glued) on the mat board consistently throughout each piece. use spray adhesive, any other glue will make bubbles and you don't want that!

    if you are just using a book porfolio that is small (like 8 1/2 x 11) that just uses plastic sleeves you can print out your projects on reg. paper. use a color laser printer and make sure each project is spaced/centered the same on each page. (i suggest this option if yo'ure in a time crunch) if you can't do that at your school then you can goto kinkos and they usually have an area set up where you can work on your stuff and print it out. you'll need a credit card because it charges you per minute to use their computers.

    good luck! right out of school i bought this fancy portfolio case where i needed to use mat boards for presentation. it was such a project and what i ended up doing turned out great but i think from now on i'll just buy a portfolio book so all i need to do is print the stuff out on reg. paper and not have to worry about gluing!
  3. This thread is really old, but thought it might help someone else I'm going to answer it...

    I haven't had to work on my portfolio in a couple years, since getting out of college and getting a job. But I must've done something right as I got the first job I applied for :smile:

    I bought my portfolio "book" close to 5 years ago from Central Paint, back when they sold art supplies...and haven't seen a book as nice since. It's approximately 11" x 13", black leather, zips 3/4 of the way around and has a carrying handle. There are 10 pages with sleeves on both sides...and each page has a sheet of black construction-like paper in it.

    I printed out all my pieces on bright white Epson photo paper and slipped them into the sleeves. I made all my labels in InDesign...just simple square labels with a short title for each piece...then printed those out on on the same paper.

    I mounted those on the black sheets using double-sided tape (that way I could move stuff around later if I wanted a different order).

    Since I like to draw, I included a couple pencil drawings as well, in edition to my digital pieces.

    I have checked Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics for portfolios and they do have some, just not quite as nice as the one I found. I would suggest trying some not so obvious places for a unique book...maybe even online. Exterior appearance goes a long way. If the employer is fascinated at first glance, he'll likely be excited to see what's inside!

    Hope this helps someone :smile: