how do you make eyes look SMALLER?

  1. i did a quickie search and didn't see anything.

    i have HUGE eyes and i try to minimize them, but i always end up looking terribly goth in the process. so how do i make my eyes look smaller without looking like a raccoon? (since all anyone tells me is to do my eyeliner different and stay away from brighter colors- which i don't even know is right?)
  2. hmmm...are you sure you want to make your eyes look smaller? most people find large eyes very attractive.

    i think if you line your eyes on the top and bottom, end to end it might make your eyes a bit smaller.
  3. trust me, i have BIG eyes. and add to that when i'm nervous and i'm's for the benefit of everybody else.

    i never do top liner- i'll try that. thanks.
  4. I would even stop by a your favorite makeup counter for tips
  5. I have really big eyes too. I've been told I look like a Blythe doll! I don't wear a lot of eye makeup. Most of the time I only wear mascara. Enjoy your eyes. I am sure they are gorgeous.
  6. In general, light eyeshadow makes the eyes look bigger and dark eyeshadow makes them seem smaller, so try the darker shades, like dark brown, dark blue, etc.. You can also try using a foundation that's a shade darker than your skin tone for your eyes.

    Also, when you line your eyes, make sure both the upper and lower lines connect. That'll give the illusion that you have smaller eyes.

    Or try putting focus on your lips, like using less eyeshadow and a more intense lipstick? That'll put the focus off your eyes.
  7. I'm sure that we all feel so bad, we wish we could take this burden from you, and carry it ourselves...
  8. I have big eyes too, but I believe it's one of our assets. I apply liners on my upper & lower eye then add some mascara. Whenever we go to parties, same make-up but much darker then dark eyeshadow, smudge liner might do the trick as well and highlighter near the inner canthus. Dont forget your brows =D
  9. Hmm I thought the trick to make eyes look small is to stay away from eyeliner? Coz eyeliner defines the eyes and draw attention to them. I'm from Asia and most asians have small eyes and I notice most girls will use black eyeliner to make them look bigger and add the fake eye lashes too.
  10. I'm Asian too and an eyeliner junkie. The eyeliner trick to make your eyes look smaller only works if you line the top and bottom waterline. Not the lashline, like most Asian girls do.

    This follows the same principle and why they always tell you to line your lower lashline with white eyeliner, so it "extends" the whites of your eyes, making it look bigger.
  11. Oic, I've learn something new! :smile: I seldom do make up and eyeliner is something which I rarely use.
  12. My sister has large eyes (think Tori Spelling). For her, I line just her lower lid waterline. Not the top. On her top lid, I use a nautral all over color and a darker shadow on her outer corner.

    I say "I" because she has me do her MU for occasions when she wants to wear it. For everyday, she just wears mascara and lip gloss.
  13. Liner on both upper and lower lash line
  14. Celebrate having big eyes!! I have big eyes and even if i line the top and bottom, tightline and waterline, they still look large. My brother jokes and says that one day i will grow into them :p There are plenty of ladies who wish they were naturally blessed with big eyes ;)
  15. Tightlining both the waterline and upper lid give the illusion of smaller eyes. Also, darker makeup that is closer to the actual eye and fades out as you move away from the lash line will give the illusion of smaller eyes. HTH!