How do you make DH buy you a Chanel Handbag???

  1. I noticed, a lot of you guys have gifts from your DH for a Chanel Handbag. I haven’t experience that ever since.. I wanted my DH to have an idea that I want him to buy a Chanel Handbag for me.. How to do that? How can I make him buy the right Chanel gift for me without spoiling his surprise? Or if you’re DH is not the fashionalble type (who doesn’t really bother about brands, etc.), how can you make him think that you wanted this and doesn’t want other stuffs? Because my DH usually loves mobile phones which is in my case, I’m sick of technologies… I just wanted him to buy me a Handbag! Please help me!!
  2. Guilt always work. DH wants to go to Vegas with the boys, I start saying "HOW I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS BAG" and start showing him or pointing it out. Has a 99% success rate at getting a bag or an accessory I am craving. OR I bring my sister in to brainwash.
  3. If we had all kinda of money I would just ask...but at the moment we don't (in process of moving) *sigh* lol
  4. threaten a divorce!!!

    JUST KIDDING!! :wlae: I'm not married..but I'd take him window shopping with me.. and "hint" :p.

    Ohh!! look at that nice bag...I really need a bag.

    2hrs later...

    Oh yea! my birthday's coming soon. We should do smth special.

    Heehee. My bf's really slow with these i really have to hint obviously.
  5. I take him shopping with me sometimes and I basically point out anything and everything I like. He's pretty good at remembering things on his own but sometimes I also drop (obvious) hints. In other words, I conveniently leave a magazine open on the coffee table with things circled....
  6. My DH and I are horrible at suprises. He and I both can't seem to keep our mouth shut. So we always end up telling each other before. Plus we are both the type to want to buy someone something they will like. So he justs asks what I want for specific occasions, and he takes me there to get it.
  7. LOL!!!:nuts:
  8. Just ask him :smile:
  9. HINT HINT HINT.... talk about spesific bags allllll the time until you got him attention, hehehe... tell him that uuh, this bag is so lovely, you know i love this colour, everything.... i dont have a DH, but i trained my BF very well (and i'm proud enuf, hehe), eventhough he is a man, he now knows pretty much about the history bout LV, hermes and even bottega veneta and their most quintesential bags, hehehe
  10. I would just ask. Some guys are good with surprises and special gestures and others suck. (I was once married to the latter.) I have found that expectations, threats and dropping hints usually don't work on the clueless types and you're ultimately left with feelings of resentment and anger that only fester over time. I don't care about surprises; I only care about getting what I want :graucho: so to pick it out myself is no big deal.
  11. But if he takes you there to get your gift, doesn't take off the suprising part? My DH told me that if he would buy me a gift, he'd just tell me to go with him so that he can buy the perfect gift. Is that a good idea after all? :confused1:
  12. my bf is the worst ever at presents, so he usually just gives me his cc and i get what i really want :wlae: ...... i'd rather get something i really want rather than a surprise b/c sometimes it's not a good surprise and u don't want to hurt their feelings and return the gift imo
  13. The best scenario of when you bf/dh surprises you with your favorite bag without you telling him.

    But..that's way too much to expect from my BF. He just doesnt understand bags. Need to train him more! He dared to tell me to "just buy a bag from walmart"!!! *SIGH*
  14. i just got my SO to finally get me LV. now i am desperate for chanel haha. since my birthday is coming soon, i started hinting what would go great with this outfit or my 21st birthday is SO SPECIAL that it should definitely be celebrated in a special way :nuts: or i can cry and beg haha
  15. I usually just ask him straight out his impulse answer is always NO then I slowly change his mind.