How do you make a decision?!

  1. There is a handbag I saw and touched that I fell in love with. The minute I touched it I wanted it and I began to hyperventilate and had to walk away to calm down.

    I figured I could find it online at the designers site, or Bloomingdales etc.... And make a calmer rational decision later. After hours online I could not find it anywhere.

    After talking to a very helpful customer service rep she said she felt my bag was a one of a kind to that store. I found mine in a Houston airport and she said she found hers (same designer/diff style) in an airport in Atlanta that was unique only to that store.

    The store wasn't a designer boutique but a reputable boutique. She said because it did sound authentic and I couldn't find it elsewhere and she didn't recognize the bag that I had probally founf one of the last IF NOT one of the few of these bags made :drool:

    But, what do I do? What would you do? Whatever your price range is imagine this bag is out of it. That there are things you need to do around your house and you are in debt. But, then there are ALWAYS things you need to do around your house and you will probally always be in debt.

    And none of my debt is luxery items. I DESERVE this BAG!

    I just bought a new bag last month. Now I want another. And there is a 3rd I drool over but know I couldn't have right now. But THIS one is Buy NOW or Lose forever !!!! :hysteric:

    Part of me feels that if I buy this one - there is just going to be another one - next month. And there probally will be.

    I am just sick. How do u make decisions like this?
  2. What I do in this kind of situation (was kind of like that before I bought my LV manhattan PM from a friend who needed the cash) is write it down. Make a list of pros and cons. Once you see it in black and white it will be more concrete to you. Good luck to you!
  3. oh man....good luck

    I suck at decision making. I am one of those people who usually finds 2 things I like, but I know I can only have one (or should only have one)....but I dont want to decide so I buy both :shame:
  4. What about the reasoning, "I want it and I am just crazy!" :yahoo:

    That honestly seems like the best reason to buy it! The funnest reason! I just want it!
  5. as long as you are not REALLY drowning in bills, and can at least 'somewhat' afford it, i say

    hope you find it again!
  6. hmm then in the cons you can put "i just want it, I don't need it"

    My "reasoning" is usually "I NEED it....because I WANT it" :graucho:
  7. I'm drowning in bills. :crybaby:
    But, they aren't fun bills. I have NEVER splurged in my life and I am 34. My bills are mostly household catostrophe related, 2 months out of work (injured) and trying to fix my husbands credit from his 20's (student loans) etc.... Oh and the fact I pretty much run my own personal animal rescue and besides are own 6 - my cat had cancer this year - we have spent Lord knows what this year on the tons of strays we find. $500 alone on the little sweet girl my husband founf that had been hit by a car.

    I have gotten myself into such debt just taking care of the basics in life and everyone else.

    Now that I am ready to splurge, there is nothing left to splurge with.

    Part of me thinks if I just do this one splurge, then I won't do it again! I doubt I will - I mean I am 34 and have never bought anything crazy for me in my life. And by "crazy" I mean something I don't need - but really want - and am paying more than I have ever spent on myself EVER! I didn't even have a wedding ceremony. I felt bad all that money being spent on me.
  8. lol you sound like me. Good luck.
  9. Honestly..... the idea of the pros/cons list definately is a good one. I say that you should figure out for yourself how often you are going to be able to use this bag... is it special occasion that you can only whip out once in a while?

    Also, you mentioned something about being slightly out of our "suggested price range"... are you going to use it or feel too guilty to use it/don't want to ruin it, etc. If so.... I say pass... the longing of having it won't be near the amount of pain that guilt can cause.

    Also,... you have a much kinder heart then me, but I understand your situation!! I am not working right now - we just transfered because of my husband's job. Even though he is the one that made us move and in turn, I had to resign from my position, I still feel bad that he is now having to help out with my bills while I look for a position in our new location. I feel like that even if I buy a designer bag and put it on my card, with the intention of paying off when I start a new job, that it somehow puts that responsibility on him.... and I feel baaaddd... That is the major reason one of my obssessions haven't shown up at my house.

    Sorry this is long, but anyhow - the point is everyone's situation is different, but you ultimately have to decide how "out of your price range" this bag is and what you would forgo to have it. Just a thought - good luck!!!;)
  10. I'm not much help on the decision making process as I have much difficulty with it myself. My problem is that I usually wait too long and then it is gone. So, I kick myself.. over and over...But you know what? Eventually you forget about it and realize it's just things. I recently spent way over $1000 in a week and a half on my KeeKee and then ended up losing him to renal failure. That was a decision that I didn't give a second thought...except for wondering if I could have possibly done anything sooner that would have saved his life. I haven't regretted any of my handbag purchases as I really enjoy carrying them. There are many more that I would love to have.....I just try to do most everything in moderation.
  11. If its a one of a kind and you don't usually splurge on yourself. Go and get her girl! :yes::nuts::yahoo::p:party::flowers:
  12. IMO, if you're in debt, you should pass. It's just not worth it to get further in the hole. Once you pay things off, then you can reward yourself with a great new bag!