How do you maintain the colour on the zipper?

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  1. The multi-coloured zipper is very cute, but I think the colour tends to come off, revealing the metal colour. How do you prevent the colour from coming off "or" maintain the colours?
  2. I haven't seen any color coming off of any of the zippers on and of my bags. I don't think it's painted/dyed, I think the teeth are actually made of colored metal. But I could be wrong.
  3. I can't remember which bag I was using but I also noticed my color was fading off the zipper. It's kinda almost gone I think... I think it might have been my black bella bella w/original print on the inside. :sad: I have no :idea: how to keep the color bright.
  4. Yes, my original black bambino I bought last year when the bags debuted is starting to fade too.:Push: I am hoping it won't happen to my other newer bags.
  5. Hawww man, why you guys gotta keep telling me the bad stuff about toki bags? I never notice these kind of things...and I hope none of my bags zippers are doing that :Push:
  6. lol i totally agree with u jess. now i become more worried when i use my toki bags after what u guys said about the stitches came apart, the zipper and the leather fading :sad:
  7. I wonder if putting a light coat of wax on the zipper may help. It would reduce the friction on the zipper when you zip it, and maybe it wouldn't rub as much then?
  8. The trick a dozen bags and don't use ANY of them too much!:lol::lol: That's my strategy...or lack of one! When you own a bunch of bags ...and use them ...none of them get too much use! So they still look good as new!

    i'm sure that colored metal probably does lose its color after awhile.....I believe that's probaby why they stopped the colored beads and hardware on the original bags? I noticed that some "used" bags the color was coming off in the pics I saw......none of mine have because I haven't used them enough.:sad: But, I guess that's a good thing too?:lol::confused1:
  9. One of my bags is actually doing that. I really don't care about it though so it doesn't bother me. I think its either my Pirata (I use it a lot, I guess) or my Inferno (the first bag I got). But I haven't even had any of my bags for a year yet. :huh: Or maybe I abuse my tokidoki ._. idk = = I thought I was careful:sad:
  10. I agree with elizs about the reason that the color comes off is due to the friction between the zipper pull and the teeth as you zip. I was in Macy's checking out some of the Notte Stellinas and there was one that I had trouble zipping. After a few pulls back and forth, I noticed there was color already flaking off onto the fabric. That's when I learned not to get any bags that don't zip smoothly even before buying.
    One thing I was thinking about doing was to spray some WD-40 onto a Q-tip and then running it lightly over/around the teeth of the zipper. And it has to be a small amount because it is a liquid and you don't want to stain the nylon, but the Q-tip should help control the application. I use WD-40 about once a year to spray into my front door lock so the key turns smoother and doesn't get stuck. It also stops hinges from squeaking. I haven't tried it yet myself, but I may try it soon to see how it works.
  11. Glad that other people noticed this too! The color on my inferno campeggio's zipper is starting to fade. it's the first bag I ever used and I used it A ALOT. Right now it's getting some rest but yeah .. I gotta switch out bags more so that I don't constantly use the same one.

    LegnoFan - if that WD-40 idea works then it'd be cool. I'd def. try it out myself
  12. I hate it when zips and the pulls start to chip.But the multicoloured zips are rather tasty.Well if we all had at least 7 bags an alernate them we wouldnt notice all the wear.I'm sure when i get my bag i will use it every day and it will probably look really battered real quick.
  13. I'm thinking about some multi-coloured permanent markers to colour them in. The ones that I have are water based and can't stay on the metal.
  14. I haven't had that happen to me yet, but that's really lame! For the price, the color should be anodized, not painted, so that it won't come off. Grrrr Lesportsac :smash:
  15. the zipper pulls on my black/orig have had the green flake off a bit, but i haven't had any problems with the zippers themselves. I've been carrying my inferno dolce since that print was on the lesportsac website and the zippers are fine, so maybe I got lucky with that. the bag itself is pretty dirty, since i've never cleaned it & didn't realize the brilliance of scotchgarding [which i will do with EVERYTHING now].