how do you line under your eyes and not have it look stupid?

  1. i just can't figure it out. i'm great at lining my upper lids, but when i go to line my lower, even though i do it right where the lashes come out, i still look like i've drawn a crazy circle around my eye. should i be using a different liner with a tiny tip or something? any helpful tips?
  2. If you definitly want to do it, use a plum color, not black or dark brown. It will look softer and do the trick- however a makeup expert once told me not to do it at all because it makes your eyes look smaller by creatiing the illusion of bringing the upper lashes closer to the lower lashes - I believe that that is true.
  3. I don't do my bottom lid because like you Amanda, I just look silly with it. Besides, I think I look better with just the top lid done. Occasionally I will put some shimmery eyeshadow underneath for a slight glow, but that's it.
  4. if you wanna play w/ it, try smudging it so there's not a line.
    Or, use a stiff brush and dab dark eye color instead of a pencil. . . KWIM?
  5. you could do what me and my friends did in junior high and get electric blue eyeliner and then light it a little so it goes on extra bright and thick. it is such a cool look. can't figure out why it hasn't come back.
  6. LMAO! I sure that's exactly the look she's after!
  7. I agree that eyeliner on the bottom lid may not be all that flattering, especially if u don't do it well. But i do find that a line on the inside of the bottom lid can look really nice. I must say though, that fake lashes, only on the top lid, is tres nice and very sexy. Try it out :yes:
  8. I do it on the inside of the bottom lid. Can't figure out how other people do it any other way-it gets mixed up with the bottom lashes and looks crazy!
  9. I am so relieved to know I'm not the only one who can't do this. Everytime I try I look like a freak. :yes:
  10. You could try getting a thin/sharp liner and dotting inbetween lashes to create a lined effect that isn't actually a full line. Or try lining the inner rim of your eye so it doesnt look like you've drawn a circle around it.
  11. You might try using an eye shadow as a liner. I've been doing that for a couple of years now and it's not nearly as harsh as a pencil. I'm using a Bobbi Brown shadow. The color is Black Plum in their Shimmer Wash eye shadow. By the way, this works great as a liner with the UD Primer Potion you posted about.
  12. ^that's what I do and I do it w/ Bobbi Brown powders as well!
  13. iiiiinteresting. i saw this girl at the mall today that had her lower lid lined and smudged sooooo perfectly that i came home and tried again for the 35943594874th time and still looked like i had drawn a big ol' circle around my eye. i use revlon colorstay eyeliner, which is perfect in every way for the thin line that i do on my top lid (honestly, i've never in my life used a better liner, and i've tried some that cost many times what my revlon does) but it stays put so well that i CANNOT get it to smudge, which is possibly the issue on my lower lid.

    *sigh* back to the drawing board.
  14. A really good way to line the bottom of your eye is. Go to mac get a #266 brush and carbon or nehru eye shadow. When you are putting it on go under your lashs as close to you lash line as possible. you will get a really good line and if you want a smokey look get a # 219 brush and buff it out.
  15. Yes, I recommend dotting. Just use a soft pencil and dot at the base of your lashes and then you can smudge them with a fine angled liner brush or a brush with a precision point(like the white goat hair MAC brush--I can't remember the number now. lol. I think it's #219 or 217 something like that). It makes your lashes look thicker and defines your lower line w/o looking harsh. I usually just do the outer half.