How do you like your Totally Turnlock Faridah?

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  1. I have been eyeing this bag and was looking for some feedback from you ladies that personally own this bag..

    Is it comfortable to use everyday?

    Practical ?

    Does it slip off your shoulder??

    thanks for all your help appreciate it!!

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  2. It is very comfortable and it does not slip off your shoulder. With all the pockets and compartments it is awesome for everyday use.
  3. The Faridah is one of the easiest bags to carry (and there are plently of us on here that own them and LOVE them). The strap stays on the shoulder very nicely and since it is a wide strap, it is very comfortable to carry. It molds well to the body when carrying it, the leather is soft and smooshy, I can't think of a negative at all. The outside pockets are great for phone, keys, etc. What color were you thinking?
  4. i ADORE mine! I bought it in grass green last year and it is easily my favorite out of all my mbmj bags.

    the strap is wide and comfortable and i have never had any issue of it sliding off my shoulder.

    the pockets on the outside are also fantastic! i keep my cell phone in the zip pocket and my keys and sunglasses in the turnlock pockets. they are safe and at easy reach!

    i promise you will not regret getting this bag! he has had this style out for awhile and every season i thought about getting it, but purchased another bag instead. i'm so glad i finally got one
  5. This is absolutely my most comfortable bag! the shoulder strap never slips off and it's big enough to fit everything i need. I often use it as my everyday bag. The leather is gorgeous too! I love this bag!! Go for it!:woohoo:
  6. i bought one for my sister for christmas and she LOVES hers :yes:
  7. thanks girls that was really helpful.. I will order mine now.. :smile:
  8. oh yes one more question how does the bag hold up overall, since it doesnt come with a manufacturers warranty like coach etc?
  9. I would like the black color. it is a easy color
  10. I love the Faridah bag. I bought the exact one that you linked to this May and I have no regrets.

    It is so functional yet very fashionable at the same time. Plus, the shoulder strap never slips off which is one of the biggest things that I look for in the handbag.

    I say go for it.

  11. I have nothing but positive things to say about MbMJ. I currently own 5 (and have owned 2 others that have since found new homes) from different seasons and they are all wearing very well. Very high quality leather and construction.
  12. thanks again for your input. I just wondered why they wouldn't warranty their bags if something happened etc
  13. does anyone know if marc by marc jacobs has a warranty on any of their bags?
  14. they do kinda. the head of repairs posts on here and generally i think there's an 18 month warranty from defects...