How do you like your steak? Burnt to a crisp or bloody as hell?

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  1. I like medium rare. I love juicy steaks, but I don't like to see blood running either. Though I don't mind it when the meat is just so melt-in-your-mouth delicious.
  2. Medium Rare. The medium rare porterhouse at peter lugers is just perfect.
  3. i prefer medium well. too much pink in the meat freaks me out :Push:
  4. Just a little pink for me.
  5. Medium rare. I always tell the hostess that they are safer to undercook my meat then to overcook it.
  6. i used to have to have my steak well-done. My Dad would always say why don't you just take off your shoe and eat that, LOL. But as I've gotten older I don't mind a pink center so much. I just don't like bloody, unlike my sisi who says "Walk it across the grill and bring it to the table".
  7. medium well. :yes:
  8. medium rare! mmm beef!
  9. I used to order medium well...until I met my hubby who likes his bloody medium rare. Now I tend to get medium to medium rare, depending on how I feel.
  10. medium-medium rare!! If can't stand a steak that's past medium it's too tough.
  11. medium rare for me but WELL done for hubby!
  12. Well done for me.
  13. Medium to Medium Rare
  14. Medium well.
  15. well done, I can't stand bloody steak