How do you like your potatoes?

  1. I am a die hard potato I was eating french fries earlier at lunch, I started thinking about my personal potato favorites. YUMMY!!!

    1. I love french fries, but especially when they are thin like "shoestrings". I also like my french fries naked. No ketchup....amybe a little mayo though. DH cannnot watch me eat them like that! :p

    2. My other favorite is just plain potato chips. I like Lays.

    What are your potato favorites?

  2. i like waffle fries
  3. shoestring fries.. mashed potatoes.. curly fries.. :tup:
  4. Either french fries (the skinny kind but i like them mushy lol)
    or as garlic mashed potatoes loaded with cheese, bacon bits, the works.
  5. I don't really like potatoes all that much. When they're french fries, then I'll eat them with tons of ketchup, otherwise I'll usually pass.
  6. I looooove potatoes.

    Garlic mashed.
    Au gratin (mmm).
    Baked with sour cream and bacon.
    hash browns.

    So yummy! Gotta have them carbs!
  7. How do I like my potatoes? Sweet. I prefer yams and sweet potatoes over white potatoes. I consider white potatoes to be incredibly unhealthy, and I try to keep my consumption of white foods (potatoes, rice) to a minimum.
  8. Au gratin :smile:
  9. i like my potatoes mashed and baked
  10. Mashed.
    French Fries.
    Roasted in olive oil & garlic.
    Au gratin.
  11. Mashed by far. Mmmmmmm.
  12. if it's any derivative of a potato, i WILL eat

    i love potatoes, its one of the most versatile and delicious carbs!
  13. Most ways are good really. Roasted, Chips or French Fries are my fave. I've been eating a lot of boiled potatoes recently and they get a bit dull after a while. Baked potatoes are nice.
  14. You can mash it, fry it, bake it, boil it, roast it, whatever you do to it i'll eat it. I love potatoes.
  15. Redskins...mashed with the skins on, butter, sour cream, cream cheese and roasted garlic. Needless to say, we have these about once every two years.