How do you like your margaritas?

  1. I make my margaritas with rum and amaratto. It's an Italian margarita basically.
  2. I like the simple kind of margarita - Cuervo over the rocks and with salt. The thought is making my mouth water!
  3. tequila or rum, triple sec, lime juice and blend it in the blender I like it all slurpie :smile:
  4. tequila or rum, triple sec, lime juice LOTS of ice and blend it in the blender I like it all slurpie :smile:, a straw and start drinking.
  5. I like the old fashioned -- cuervo triple sec, and lime, on on the rocks please, and keep em comin" LOL! I also like anejo or hornitos....
  6. H&H---margaritas my treat when you come to Hawaii, OKAY!!
  7. The original flavor (no salt)..and on the rocks.
  8. rocks, salt....occasionally with the grand marnier splash!
  9. Ohhhh I love margaritas!!! I like different kinds depending on my mood...

    I think my favorite combo is: Patron, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice, blended, LOTS of salt. I actually prefer it on the rocks, but I drink them too fast and then I get drunk. The brain freeze from the frozen ones forces me to slow down :upsidedown:

    Sometimes I like amaretto. In that case, it's gotta be on the rocks. It just doesn't taste right blended IMO. If its a cheapo bottom shelf it has to be blended so I don't notice the cheap tequila as much. I'm not a fan of cheap margaritas though, because they tend to use the grossest margarita mix :yucky:

    There's a place nearby that has the best margaritas ever. They have 12 different flavors, but there's a house limit of 3 per person because they are SO strong. If I go to that place I get raspberry, strawberry or blue (I have no idea what flavor it's supposed to be. It's just blue. lol)...
  10. On the rocks with salt!!! Ooooo I'm wanting one Now!!!
  11. Lime, on the rocks with salt.
  12. :yahoo:Yes yes yes !!!! Love them... oooooh can't wait to come to Hawaii again.
  13. I'm not a drinker much at all, but once or twice a summer I'll indulge in one of two things: either a white peach bellini, or a white peach margarita- if the margarita, it has to be the slushy kind hah, and it needs to have fresh white peach puree.
  14. On the rocks w/salt.
  15. Blended mango margarita!