How do you like your Madison Carryall?

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  1. I am contemplating getting the new Madison Carryall and was trying to get some feedback on how everyone liked theirs?
    Is it a comfortable practical bag?
  2. Love it! I have one in purple (forget the official name--maybe plum). Very comfortable and classic bag, IMO! I'm a huge fan of the the way it's sectioned into compartments (helps for organization). It's a great size--not too big, yet roomy. Great investment!
  3. I like them, but they dont look good on me...
  4. I sold mine. I liked the orginization of it but it was not that comfy on the shoulder.
  5. I like them, but I don't love them like I initially did. It's the structure issue. By design it's always going to have some structure, which is good, but the sides where there is no reinforcement tend to sag, etc, when the bag is not filled up. It's kind of hard to explain, but the leather breaks in over time, and I don't really like the look of mine unless it's filled completely up. I like my croc even less now because if it accidentally gets hit, especially on the corner, then the "dent" doesn't pop back out on its own, and despite that, it's broken in so much that it's no longer anymore structured than my plum carryall. I would not get rid of mine, and I like them a lot, but just that I don't like them as much as I once did. I find the double handles a good DL that fits on my shoulder, but one strap slips off. I generally carry it that way, but the longer strap is also a good length IMO. I love the chain strap on the crocs. I think it's just me. Most bags have some annoyance, and at least this is not like the Julianne where if you don't remove the strap, the corners fold. The carryall doesn't have that issue!
  6. I just love the the Madison Carryall.. I have this bag in the Walnut and she is so shinny and comfy.. Looks very elegant and business like at the same time .. but the bag looks wonderful with jeans and is great for the weekends...
  7. Well. I have the Madison Carryall. She was my HG bag.

    I ordered her and loved her, and 2 weeks later, noticed a crack/peel, and I treat my bags VERY well! So she went back to JAX.

    When they send me a new one, I haven't decided if I'm keeping her, and the reason is basically what baglady said. She looks great hanging on my shoulder, I love the organization and pink lining, but she doesn't stand up by herself, and I think I need more structure. She's too fancy to slouch properly, yet doesn't have enough structure to stand up.

    So I think I may return the new one, and I plan on getting a Maggie in exchange, in plum if they still have it; mahogany or walnut if they don't.
  8. Thanks for the heads up ladies. This clinches it for me. No Madison carryall for me. I like more structured bags. Always have. I hate the puddling and sagging that some Coach bags do. I guess maybe im too anal?
  9. I need to see one of these IRL and play with it in order to understand what you ladies are referring to. I LOVE the look of them that's for sure!
  10. NOT anal... you just know what you want... and that's GREAT!
  11. I have the bone Carryall and have mixed feelings about it. I use the strap from my parchement Sabrina on it, and tend to only like it if I use that strap. The shorter handles are too short, and the long shoulder strap is too long. I love the fact that it has the two compartments and find it very easy to find things in. I will most definitely keep mine, but it is not my favorite bag by any means. I would rate it a 7 out of 10.
  12. I had ordered the Walnut but felt very uncomfortable on my shoulder and strap wasn't long enough to use it as a crossbody bag so I returned it....:sad:
  13. hmm .. seems like this may not be the rite bag for me! thanks for all your help ladies
  14. I have the one pictured in my avatar but I was waiting until the weather got warm to really break it in. I love the structure and it stays on my shoulder pretty well.