How do you like your loubies to fit?

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  1. Do you like them skin tight??

    Do you like them with a bit of give??

    Do you factor in space for things like foot cushions and heel grips??

    How do you like your louboutins to fit??
  2. I would always rather have snug than otherwise, especially with suede which I've found stretches up to half a size with CLs. I've got a couple of pairs that are looser fit at the heel and whilst they still 'fit' I'm not as comfortable/secure in them :shrugs:
  3. I won't buy a shoe unless it fits when I put it on. I don't want to risk it not fitting. I will get the sling-backs done so they stay up. I also get mine soled. I want to be comfortable!
  4. I'd rather them snug than a bit loose; when I have somewhat loose shoes (that fit comfortably fine when I tried them on) they end up rubbing and chafing my feet like crazy. I still bear the blisters from the ill-fitting wedges I wore last week :sad:
  5. I have 1 pair of decollete zeppas in a 38.5 that are just to snug - I wear them anyway but the squish my big and pinky toes on the right foot so I can only wear them a few hours. I have a pair of decollete jazz in 39 that is just slightly too big in the left foot, so that I feel like they are always going to slip off and I don't walk quite right in them.

    However, given the choice, I'd go with the silghtly too big and play with the heel grips. I can stand wearing them longer and get more use out of them.
  6. CLs works best for me when they fit more snug. More or less, they stretch out and then fit beautifully! :yes:
  7. I prefer snug. I feel that constant wear will provide stretch and eventually the shoe will mold to your foot. CLs are tough for me because I have such a narrow heel and medium-wide width. The shoe cannot have room at both the front and the back because putting a pad in the front of the shoe and heel grip in the back makes it difficult for me to wear and walk in.

  8. Yeah, I'm kind of different from the norm like that also. I don't like having too tight shoes on. My SA always encourages me to size down but I refuse. I don't wear my shoes enough to stretch them out so I guess that is part of the reason. I'm also like this in jeans. The SAs always say "you want them to be tight" - not me.:nogood:
  9. My nude patent VPs were on the loose side and they started flopping after my second time wearing them. I will put a toe pad and maybe a heel grip in them, but I absolutely want my shoes to fit snug to begin with because they will stretch and conform to your foot. My black suede Lapanos were torture devices when I first got them, but after I stretched them with thick socks and wearing them several times, they are perfect!

    My vote goes for a LITTLE snug.
  10. I'm all for a little snug as well!
    I don't like the feeling of them slipping off my feet.
  11. I would prefer any shoe that I put on my feet to fit properly.

    because thats how you get blisters, corns and all assorted foot problems! I want to be in my 50s one day still wearing the hottest.
  12. I guess were the odd balls! I'm like you with shoes and jeans :yes:.
  13. I like them to have a little bit more give than be tight.
  14. A little snug. I find they mould after a wear or two.
  15. same here :yes: I never size down and I never buy them too snug. I'd rather my shoes be a big big/loose than too tight where I can't feel my toes.