How do you like your Lg. Ergo Hobo?

  1. I have seen it IRL but it was full of paper and I didn't get a feel for whether the leather "gives" or not. Do you think it's slouchy or a bit stiff? I was all ready to get the patent version but now I'm wondering if it will be too structured for my taste. Please share your thoughts if you own and enjoy this bag. Thanks!
  2. I dont own one but while I was in Macys I tried a sig. one on. It felt quite comfy and slouchy. If you were to get it in the patent I would think it would still be quite slouchy its such a soft and supple leather. Let us know if and which you choose.
  3. I tried this on & it was so very comfortable. I'm not a "slouchy" kind of girl, but this bag is def. NOT structured. It is slouchy--I had the SA take out the paper. The lg carly was somewhat slouchy as well w/o all that tissue paper. I'm debating on this or the lg carly IF we can buy coach at the macy's F&F sale (when is that gonna be, btw?).
  4. I have a large black ergo hobo and love it. It slouches and I love it! It slouches more than any of my bags and it is so comfortable and roomy. I know they overstuff them and they look odd shaped. I know if you go into a coach store they will let you unstuff it and put your stuff in it to get the feel.