How do you like your Large Carly?

  1. I bought my daughter a medium Carly patchwork for her 18th birthday. She has not received it yet, but already I am worried that it will be too small. She carries a lot (odds and ends, not a laptop or planner) , and she likes larger bags. I thought the large Carly was Too big, but now I think it might be a better choice.

    What are your opinions?
  2. I love the large Carly. I think it is a great bag and for me the medium would be too small. I love the slouch of the large size and I also love the drop of the strap of the
    large. Here is a picture of my large one which I returned but just bought again! Get
    the large size, you will not regret it!
    IMG0001_13.jpg IMG0001_14.jpg
  3. I love it! I too love the slouch and the strap -
  4. The large carly is beautiful.

    I had one for a day.. in Chocolate.. haha.. but it was way to big for me.. and I didn't carry that much stuff. and It was very heavy!!

    I'd much prefer the medium! ^^
  5. It is total preference.. I am 5'10" and have always thought the large was too big.. I have had the medium and LOVED it.. no issues at all.. I just got a great deal on a large and although it is very big and I can tell a weight difference I am starting to like it a little more. The large is BIG and the medium will hold quite a bit.. maybe give her the medium but tell her if she wants to go bigger she can switch for the large. :shrugs:
  6. I LOVE my large chocolate Carly!!!! However, she is too big of a bag for me to use as my "everyday bag"....I am using her as my "vacation bag/carry on bag for the airplane" as my family takes alot of vacations throughout the year!!!! She is a GOrGEOUS bag!!!!
  7. I'm a big bag girl by definition, so large Carly presents no issues to me. If your daughter is used to carrying around a lot of stuff, then large Carly will probably be great for her. I also have some smaller bags for when I decide that I don't need to carry so much on a particular day, maybe she will decide that is what her medium Carly will be for her?
  8. I LOVE my large Carly. she is my favorite bag that I own and I use her daily (only switching out every so often) ... I carry a bunch of random stuff also and she fits those things and still has enough room to slouch properly :tup:
  9. I carry my video ipod, coach large makeup case, sidekick 3, wristlet, mini skinny, + my keys in a MEDIUM carly and I find my medium a bit small because sometimes I like to carry around other little things like a small umbrella, an extra sweater, or a book which I definitely cannot fit into my medium carly with all my other stuff I carry around daily. I suggest getting her a large. I wish I had gotten a large.
  10. I have 2 large carlys and I love them. I am 5'11 so smaller stuff to me looks funny on me.. and just keep in mind just because you have a large carly doesnt mean you have to stuff her like one lol... mine isnt that full I just like having the extra room if I need her