How do you like your IPHONE?

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  1. I have been looking at this phone for some time now and I am very unsure about getting one.. I am so used to texting on a normal keypad etc and I wanted to see how all you girls/guys liked your IPHONE?? is it hard to text on ?? I have nails so I dont want that to be a factor etc.. please let me know all your feedback !!
  2. I have no probelms typing on it at all. it took a few days to get used to it but after that no problems.

    I would wait for the 3G iPhone to come out. It is rumored that it will be out in the next few months. It will be a LOT faster
  3. whats the difference between the two?? I am not familar with the technology lol
  4. Check out and check out their iPhone/AT&T forums for more info.

    While you're in there, check out the HTC forums. HTC has great phones.
  5. I LOVE my iphone...I was a little late to the game to get one, and even thought I didn't need one because I already own a Blackberry...but it ROCKS! Texting is a breeze...the keyboard is so easy to use.
  6. I really love mine. It has everything that I could possibly need in one device. I keep my nails short because I am a new mom, but I would advise you to try it out at the Apple store first. As far as I can tell, the keypad recognizes your fingertip, not your nail. This may affect your decision, depending on how partial you are to your long nails.
  7. I love, love, love mine.

    I agree about the fingernails -- it has to be your actual finger that touches the keypad (I do have nails, but they're not long, and I'm okay). I actually found that the keypad generally took some getting used to (I'm accustomed to my Blackberry, which I still use for work) -- I kept accidentally hitting the wrong letter. I do use it totally differently than my BB -- I type on my BB with my thumbs and my iPhone with my pointer finger.
  8. I couldn't live without mine. The keypad is frustrating at first. Almost a year later, I still can't text and walk at the same time! But you do get used to it.
  9. I love my iPhone - I use it mostly for texting, talking, and the iPod, so the Edge vs. 3G thing is not really an issue for me. It's really only an issue if you're going to be using the internet a lot.
  10. I switched from a BB to the iPhone because I got it as a gift. Before they were ever released I wanted one, then got my BB curve which I loved and had only been using for a few months. I also have nails and have no issues typing, it just takes a few days getting used to to whole keypad. I'd definately wait for the 3G though.
  11. Yes, the iPhone is heat sensitive, so using nails, a pen, a stylus, just doesn't work. I had nails on when I tested it out at the store, and I had some trouble using it. I had short nails too - so I would highly advise going to test it out and then deciding what's more important. For me - I took the nails off!

    I LOVE my iPhone. It's my lifeline. The ease of use is incredible, and it's totally a smart phone. The commercial about using the maps is true - I am in sales, and I use the maps a lot. It gives very specific instructions, and you can actually see where you are! (It's faster than mapquest!)

    It's a pretty sexy phone. Everyone I see has one, it seems.
  12. I love my Iphone!! I can do so much with it,and I have it completely tricked out.;)
  13. how do you change the themes on it?? like the one girl on here had hello kitty or whatever , I know it has to be unlocked but how do you get different themes on the phone?
  14. I am GLUED to my iphone...I even bought my 11 yr old one and we both LOVE THEM!
    It takes a week to get used to.....i was very frustrated the first week until I got used to it!LOL!.....i cant live without it now!HEHE!
  15. i'm waiting for the 2nd or 3rd gen to come out..
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