How do you like your guy?

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  1. Recent discussion here about hawt guys has gotten me thinking tonight at the gym...

    How do you like your guy?

    Slim & Skinny?
    Or Muscular & Ripped?
    Or ginormous?

    Let's hear it...

    Or maybe you just don't care about the outer appearance at all.
    <me bursts out in an uncontrollable state of laughter> :lol:
  2. I like guys that crack me up--they're usually dorky--so they're not "hot" or muscular or ripped. Just your "average" guy with a great sense of humor.

    I do have this thing though that if his pants are smaller than my pants--that's weird. I want him to wear pants just as big as mine, if not bigger! I do NOT want to be Jack Sprat's wife--that nursery rhyme...
  3. okay I'll go 1st -

    Slim, not too tall, tattooed, fashionable, no muscle-heads. Likes to listen.
  4. At my age anything that moves.....#1 Sense of humor, #2 Has all his teeth, #3 Likes animals/kids, #4 Taller than 5'2" #4 Good-hearted, compassionate #5 I almost forgot....some brains
  5. Tall (6' and over, preferably), slim, tattoos, nice hands, sense of humor, knows what's going on in the world/current events, good taste in music. Musician a plus.

    The position has been filled :amuse:
  6. 1. Has GOT to be funny. I'm easily bored and am an entertainment whore. So he's gotta provide that. Haha.

    2. I prefer lean but toned guys. No bulky muscle men for me!

    3. Height-wise, I'd want him at least as tall as me (you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find decent Asians over 5'9). Other than that, I don't really care for a specific height.

    4. He has to look good without trying. I don't like guys who spend more time in front of the mirror than I do.

    5. Other personality traits: confident, smart (intelligent!, not just book-smart), driven and motivated, witty, compassionate, a little bit sensitive

    Ok, must stop now. :lol:
  7. I don't date under 6 feet (usually, most times when that rule has been broken its been a mistake :lol: ). I like them slim, but a little muscle is okay too...I just don't like those guys that look like they can kill you and put your body where no one will find you lol.
  8. I like them fat
  9. HAHAHAHA!!! I hate muscle men, they look like they can break me in two, not to mention that they also look very empty in the brain dept.
  10. I love a guy that's tall and muscular. Not too skinny. It looks weird when a guy is very tall and under a certain weight. I also refuse to date a guy with brown eyes. I think it's ugly. Other than that, don't care.

  11. Yeah, no brain is definitely a HELL NO for me:idea: :lol:
  12. I like them whipped...

    Its all about the face, if they have charmed eyes. A mischievous smile. That does it for me. Height is never an issue since I'm 4 feet 11. Would prefer avg weight, but a little meat is ok. Tattoos a plus.
  13. My DH is just right for me.

    He's considered pretty giant by a lot of people I think though{my family, his buddies}
    He's not uber-tall - 6'1" but he has h u g e arms and is very athletic built.
    I like a bigger guy I guess, if I look back at my date history the guys are probably considered big.
    Mostly, above my DH's fab physique, he's crazy ambitious and I find this VERY attractive! He's also crazy loyal which I also love!
    And it's good for me that people think brown eyes are "ugly", my beautiful Italian DH has gorgeous brown eyes which he generously passed down to one of my twin sons!
    Here's the 3 most beautiful guys in the world! {to me!}:love:

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  14. ^^^cute pic, he reminds me of Russel Crowe :biggrin: I probably spelled that wrong lol I'm horrible with names.
  15. :lol: ha ha, this forum makes me so happy! you all make me laugh!

    well as for me, i like... arms... i have this thing for arms... not muscles from the arena of muscles but just right! i dunno why... maybe i just dream about my dream man picking me up with his beautiful arms! :shame:

    eyes... :nuts: love looking at the eyes!

    yeah slim and tall - well thats quite easy... im short! :amuse: