How do you like your Galliera?

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  1. So far Im loving my galliera pm:heart: ( aside from the minimal scuffings that the round loops-leaving slight black marks on the vachetta) she's definitely growing on me... been using her for 2 weeks now and no complaints about the way it sits on the shoulder... w/ a 4yr old running around all the time this bag is a keeper( not to mention a head turner as well):shame: so....for some galliera owners... how are you enjoying yours?:love:

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  2. ^^^
    how bad are the black "scuffs" on your bag ???
    I returned my GM for the PM, so now I'm curious !! TIA !!
  3. I think everyone on this board has a Galliera...which is making me more curious about the good and bad things about this bag. I'm interested in what everyone has to say before deciding if this bag is for me or not...
  4. the scuffs on the sides= where the loops touches the vachetta part is not that bad... the SA said it will blend in overtime as the vachetta darkens... but it still bothers me evrytime I see it I VERY O.C when it comes to my bags...
  5. I am planning to get it before the price increase. Very excited.
  6. oh good lord! price increase???????????????????????????????????????????????
    what the #@$*^%!:cursing:
  7. I still haven't taken out my PM yet. As for the price increase, when is it going to happen?:confused1:
  8. April 17th, if I remember correctly.

    I saw the Galliera in person, after lusting over it in pictures, and my heart fell kind of flat after I tried it on. It's a great bag, but definitely go see it before you buy it.
  9. Does anyone know exactly what the new price point will be.
  10. My guess would be: $1,240 for the PM and $1,430 for the GM since the Price Increase is 5% accross the board.
  11. I LOVE my Galliera PM - I think it is an ideal bag. The slouchy look can be dressed up or down and the shape/fit under the arm is perfect. It has not slid off my shoulder once. The Inventeur plate is breathtaking and eye-catching. My speedy and Multipli-cite will be retired to their boxes for a while!
  12. I think I have the same black mark problem lol can you post pictures?
  13. Several people have posted on this forum that the closure snaps don't line up when the bag is full, and don't work as a result of it! This is something you might want to check!

    I love this bag as a tote, but wish they had used a zipper, for when you want to secure your things!

    Anyway, it is a beautiful bag, congrats!
  14. why are they doing a price increase on them?? they are already expensive enough !!
  15. Oh, and I forgot to mention the feet! How nice are feet on a hobo - it actually stands on it's own and is at least somewhat protected. I'm not having the problem with black marks (yet), but I've only been carrying it a week. Mine is quite full and I also haven't had much problem with lining up the magnetic closure. Yes, some of the lining shows when it's closed and it does not slouch with perfect symmetry, but that's inherent of any hobo bag. Seriously, every time I look at her I get palpitations!!