How do you like your Bbags? Pristine clean/Beaten up


How do you like your Bbags to be months/years down the road?

  1. Pristine clean

  2. Beaten up

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  1. How do you like your Bbags to be? I mean months/years down the road. Do you like them all beaten up or pristine clean fresh from the store? I am asking this because I wonder how long I would maintain & spot clean my precious BG08. While I like it all clean & new, I think to get it a little beaten up would look so rocker laid back I don't care & rather cool! :cool: Only problem pink is supposed to be all sweet & not all dirty/stained/beaten up? I need to :boxing:myself for thinking crazy thoughts on a Mon(it is where I am now)!!!
  2. i'll vote first for "beaten up." I like the broken in look of bbags. i believe they only get better with age.
  3. I say "beaten up"... but to a degree.

    Unfortunately I havent held on to any of my bags long enough to be truly beaten up!
  4. Pristine clean. I am quite o.c. when it comes to my bbags. I almost always clean after I use and before I store it away.
  5. Neither. Clean but well broken in.:yes:
  6. I am with you on that! :yes: I love broken in Bal leather but I like my bags to be clean.
  7. Oh.. CLEAN.. I just hate it if my bags get dirty.. Broken in is nice..
  8. Same here :yes:

    Personally for me, nothing is worse than dark handles, tear and scuffs as well as loose stiching..
  9. I don't like it dirty especially very darkened handles, but i do like my bags broken in. I found where i've bought a broken in bag i use it more and i love the boho look and feel of it, whereas my brand new bags sit longer in their sleeper bags and i take them out occassionally lovingly stroke them and put them back in the dust bag! My Violet First is brand new and when i carry it it almost looks fake because the leather hasn't broken in and got that lovely sag yet.
  10. Ditto!!:okay:
  11. i totally agree! i just love my b-bags more once they've lost their shine and look all funky and stuff... :supacool: i guess the 'beaten up' look makes it look sorta vintagey (spelling :shame:smile: I totally :love: my 06 Black Day - she's so perfect and BEATEN... oh dear now that I've typed that out it sounds like I beat up my children (aka b-bags) :push: hehehehe!!!
  12. :tup: I would hate to have beaten up bags. I'd like it to be broken in but clean.
  13. ITA!! :tup:
  14. Clean..but def very soft and beaten up..nothing better than being totally relaxed in taking out your Bbag in rain, sleet or snow beacuse you have already been together through all of those hard times..
  15. Clean but well broken in for me too! I just love how slouchy and soft the leather gets. I do put my bags almost everywhere (except for the obviously dirty, muddy spots) so I don't really care about minor scuffs or minor dirt, but I wouldn't like it if they got super dirty/torn etc.