How do you like Ulta eyeshadows?

  1. Hola gals,

    A few weeks ago, Ulta had a sale on their holiday collections so I picked up a set with 56 shadows! Eeee! 56 pots waiting for me to stick magnets under them and put them in a mac palette :biggrin: Gotta buy a mag strip tomorrow.

    Anyway, I got some blush and gloss pots too. Bottom line, I got a ton of makeup for like $17 and I want to know--what do you think of Ulta shadows? Any good? I always use a base before applying so hopefully I'll get better mileage out of them...just thought I'd ask for some feedback :yes:

    :heart: Mich
  2. I bought some ulta sets on sale also! I wear my urban decay primer potion under so it helps keep the color on longer. Its pretty good for the price. My eyes are usually oily and cheap shadows dont stay on that great but this is pretty good. I wear it to work a lot the more natural colors and they do great. Haven't played much sithtgs brightercolors bc I just haven't had am event to do so lately being so busy with school, work, and the holidays. Tell me how you like them! Enjoy!!
  3. I've tried a silver/white color and loved it, I used it as a highlighter color. And it seemed to last a while too. I also bought a light purple color and didn't like it too much. But they were BOG1F. And it was pretty cheap, so can't complain!