How do you like to spend your saturday nights?

  1. I've been staying in alot lately on weekends just ordering food and watching movies with my boyfriend thats my favourite thing to do right now, so i was just woundering how everyone spends their saturday nights?
  2. Saturday night is usually date night for DH and me. We usually either go out to eat, see a movie, check out a play or show, or sometimes just stay in.

    When I was younger/single, I liked to go out more (bars/clubs) but I've never been a huge drinker. When I drive by these clubs or bars and see lines outside, I think man, you couldn't PAY me enough $ to stand there! But that's boring old homebody me talking...
  3. I'm a super homebody. I have to work most saturday nights so if I don't, I'm at home, in my pjs, on the computer and catching up on the DVR.

    Often when I'm done working around 10-11pm people will want to go out for drinks or other pleasure stuff and all I want is to go home as soon as possible!
  4. I don't go out often anymore. I either go to the Ale House with friends, watch tv, spend time with my niece, play World of Warcraft or roam around tPF.
  5. Now that the weather is getting colder, DH, DS's and I like to get take-out pizza or Chinese and watch a movie that we rented at Blockbuster. Afterwards, we might play some board games or the PS2.....we're real homebodies!:p
  6. I'm a homebody, and DF loves to go out. Thank goodness it's cold!! More reasons to stay in!
  7. I usually have a couple of glasses of wine and watch movies with the BF. We'll throw chicken on the grill, I'll make a couple of yummy sides and we'll just hang out. Sometimes we get together with friends and go out drinking.
  8. saturday is actually my "monday".....i usually keep it low key. watching movies, knitting, etc. i usually pass up invitiations to "go out" on those nights unless someone i don't see often is in town....if i do go out, i don't drink much and try to be home by midnight. i'm actually pretty low key most of the time come to think of it.....however if my husband is working on midweek day (my "weekend"), i like going out with friends for a few cocktails. it's more laid back than the traditional weekend night and you can actually have a conversation.
  9. DH and I are both major homebody's!! We like to pile up on the couch with blankets, popcorn, and some corny movies!!
  10. surfing the web, watching dvr'd shows or just reading. sometimes we go out for dinner.
  11. Watching movies, tPF, going out for dinner with friends.
  12. As of lately..been staying in and watching movies while enjoying a cocktail with my SO. Either that or going over friends houses to hang out.
  13. Im about to go to a XMAS party...but normally I go out to dinner or drinks on SAT nights.
  14. DH and I just chill and do whatever on the Saturday nights we don't have drill...
    but tonight we are going to a pirate party! YARRRR!!!!
  15. It's all about variety, baby. It's either a nesting night (e.g. pizza, couple beers, Hockey Night in Canada!! Whether I'm single or not!!) OR night on the town.

    tonight it's a kinda hybrid...I'm going to a big Christmas party at a friend's but new BF has his kids this weekend so I am going stag.