how do you like this shape for a bag?

  1. To me its unique in a way, and very classy looking. I would have bought that as well as the zoe clutch, but I tend not to like flat bags, probably why im selling my chanel.
  2. I want it :sad: I look at it and play with it everyday but I have a new MJ bag on the way and I JUST got the ali, I can't get it!
  3. Very classy looking. I would not mind adding that to my collection.
  4. I have bags in that shape. Love it.
  5. I LOOOVE that bag and I wish I could justify having one. I think it would make a great evening out/special occasion bag but I don't have many opportunities to use something like that.

    If I had a money tree growing in my back yard I'd grab it in a heartbeat but someone forgot to plant my tree.:P
  6. I like it!
  7. Very cute for a night out!
  8. Does anyone have real life pics of that bag or the Zoe clutch? They seem soooo small on the website! The clutches look like lipstick holders, lol. I know they're obviously bigger than that of course, but it's hard to tell from just the website.
  9. I thought I liked this in the picture, but I think for me the Zoe is more practical (for me at least).
  10. I love how it looks unique and i think it's really cute.
  11. I think it is adorable!
  12. ^^I just got my clutch, and its no lipstick holder!!
    but I'm loving this black flap too!!!!!!! I don't know what to do!
  13. Ahhh I want this bag!!! So tempted........
  14. Uh oh...more then tempted!!