How do you like this ring?

  1. I saw this ring on and I liked it for awhile before but they didn't have my size. Now that they do and I have this wonderful forum to ask for opinion....what do you guys think? I'd wear it everyday...this ring costs about $300US. They say it's 3/8 Carat Blue and White Diamond.
  2. I really like it- really simple and perfect for everyday use.
  3. I really like it. Blue diamonds are so pretty. Do they tell you what the diamond grade is? Sometimes baguettes need to be pretty high quality to look nice. Why don't you order it and see how it looks in person. I'm sure you could return it if it doesn't suit you.
  4. Ohhh i I really love it!!!!
  5. hmm i don't know much about diamonds so I don't know about the's the link though and it lists everything..or at least I think it does..hehe
  6. The ring is really pretty but I might be concerned about the clarity. The clarity of I1-I2 means that it has visable inclusions. Normally this would not be too bad but because the diamonds are baguette cut they will be easily visable. It is a pretty piece though and well worth the $300 (especially considering the fact that it has colored diamonds in it). :smile:
  7. It is a pretty ring. I1-I2 will be included, but as long as you can return it, why not get it and see what you think? The diamonds might be small enough that you won't really see the inclusions too easily.
  8. wow thanks for all this great info! I found a 20% off and free shipping to Canada coupon..this would make the ring $236US. I love the simplicity of the style.
  9. I love it.
    I think it's very simple yet elegant. Great every day ring.
  10. Beautiful & perfect for everyday.
  11. That is a very pretty ring. Very modern, and it reminds me of waves.
  12. It's a lovely ring for everyday. It's very modern and chic!
  13. ring2.jpg
  14. I like the purple one better. Is it iolite or tanzanite? Of course, I'm partial to pink and purple so that's probably why :smile:
  15. It says it's 1 carat Tanzanite and Diamond