How do you like this little charm? ^^


How do you think of the little charm?

  1. Cute! Keep it!

  2. Doesn't work! Swap it for something else!!

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  1. I was going thru my many (and I mean MANY) cell charms I have collected over couple of years.. and I ran into this one that I had.. and thought it looked cute on my speedy, regardless that it's silver vs the gold hardware.

    I was wondering what you lovely TPFer's thought. ^^


  2. I think it is cute, but my FAV on damier is the glitter ball!

  3. I like the glitter ball as well as the pastilles in mono.
  4. Im sorry.. it doesnt work IMO..
  5. If you like it, keep it! ;)
  6. Show us a further away shot, one showing the entire bag that will give us a better idea of it.
  7. it would be perfect on azur.
  8. Can you show us a further away pic? From the one posted, looks like it might be too small.
  9. hmm, I think it looks kinda too small on the bag. usually cellphone charms are too tiny to look good on bags, i dunno.
  10. Doesn't work...somehow it just doesn't match.
  11. As most of your requested ^^

    Here's the bag as a whole.


    Please excuse the messy background! XD! I tried to paint over it. :3
  12. i think it's a beautiful charm and if you like the way it looks then you should keep it. the silver contrast does look different, but if you enjoy it, then keep it. :smile:
  13. its cute! although if it were gold it would be perfect ;)
  14. I like the charm but IMO it's too small for the bag. Try a bigger one & see how you like it.
  15. A Cute charm .. the silver on gold bothers me a bit though but doesn't look awful.