How do you like this Dubarry boots?

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  1. I keind of like these boots. They are great for winter since they are made with gore tex and there can't get any water truth. BUT is also really want new ugg's and these boots ain't cheap at 440 bucks

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  2. Come one ladies, i just want some honest opinions
  3. They are THE most awsome boots on the planet. I had been lusting after them for a while and more and more of my friends were getting them - Stylish, comfy, warm, totally weatherproof for rain, snow and mud and they hose clean and get better the longer you have them... What is there to think about? Why did I take so long?
    I usually spend at least $400 on shoes and boots between spring and fall, $80 here, $120 there - I haven't bought another pair of shoes (except summer fashion flats/heel etc) for 2 years now - I have actually saved $400 by buying them!!!!! :yahoo:At least thats what I told my husband!

    Got mine online
  4. TBH, I think they are kind of ugly. I don't like them at all. Unless you are going walking through snow for 10 miles I think they are unnecessary.
  5. ^^I have to agree.
  6. I really think they can be cute, worn in jeans, but I wouldn't pay that price for them...