how do you like the way vibrato wears?

  1. i've heard that the vibrato is being discontinued, so i thought i might look into getting something while i still can. i think it's a great, funky look -- but i've heard it gets dirty easily. how's it been working out for those of you who have it?

  2. dressage queen, I didn't realize that they were discontinuing the vibrato. I heard that if you aren't careful the small pieces of strip of leather can somewhat separate (not sure to the degree).
  3. Very interesting question, Dressage Queen...can't wait to learn more about this - I love vibrato but have always hesitated in on a purchase.
  4. I do know that they have the Vibrato gum eraser available to clean off some surface dirt markings and you can get it at any Hermes. It often comes with the purchase of a Vibrato piece, like Amazonia wipes come an Amazonia piece. However, my SA told me that the reason Vibrato was being discontinued was that there was no way to refurbish/repair it once there was significant wear and tear on the lambskin, so that it definitely something to take into account.
  5. I love vibratos !

    The only thing that puts me off is the weight. They are really heavy !!!
  6. I love my vibrato Birkin!!!!!!!!! Unless you try hard to abuse it:graucho: , vibrato leather won't be damaged that easily. I was surprised how durable vibrato leather was when I hit my Birkin into a corner of a table...kind of very hardly...BUT NO mark, NO was completely okay!:upsidedown:
  7. thanks, girls. i'm still vacillating: heavy, separates and can't be reconditioned = bad, while can take a beating and really cool looking = good.

  8. cool-looking wins for me everytime!!! I love the vibratos...
  9. got any pix for us, k? there weren't a lot in the reference thread and i'd love to see more!
  10. I love the vibrsto aswell, it is too bad that I am beginning my collection now.
  11. I really wanted one a few months ago and was greatly disuaded by a good friend and an SA. In fact the SA stated that the vibrato was being discontinued because of "wear" issues. Some separation of the leather strips. I doubt that it happens that much, but it must have happened enough times that they thought they should not offer it anymore. I was also told that it was very heavy.
  12. I love vibratos, ONLY if they're in pink ... I saw that combo once in a coin wallet, absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately they're probably never going to come out with that in a bag again so it's a mixed blessing for me ...

    I too, have heard of the leather separating issues, the heaviness issues, as well as the cost issues. One of the SAs said that they're discontinuing it partly due to the cost in producing something like that.