How do you like the smaller gucci belt bag?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? Did you wish you got the bigger one? I am 5ft and tried this on at the Gucci store. I liked it but didn't get it. I thought it would be good for going out at night and for shopping? The smaller one seemed to fit my frame more. Thanks for your input..
  2. Does it fit your stuff???

    I just got the bigger one in Blue and I'm about to ask about it as well.....
    Mine fits everything I need....

    Are they in or not??
  3. Well, I decided to order it on bluefly.. I guess I'll try it out. I'm surprised no one has the smaller version bag? I was hoping to get some input before I ordered it. We shall see :smile: It's the black one, a bunch of my friends have the brown gg so I thought the black would be good.
  4. I didnt know it came in two sizes. :confused1: I have the black denim one like carries on SATC. But I must have the smaller one, because I thought hers looked larger (on her).

    I havent used it in awhile, I gave it to my mom. But when I did use it, it was stuffed to the hilt. So I would have to say the larger size is better. lol
  5. i saw the smaller version at the gucci store today. i think it looks a lot better than the big one. if u want something we be worn around ur waist, i don't think u want it to be too bulky anyway.
  6. Anyone have visual aids to see them together? I have a beige logo one. But I didn't know they came in two sizes either.
  7. My order shipped today so I should get it soon. I'll post pics when I get it.
  8. please post pics!! I just checked out the Gucci website with the smaller version, and now I'm lovin' it!!
  9. I have the bigger one and it fits a good amount, I prefer it over the smaller one
  10. Im interested in seeing both sizes..I need something like this when I travel
  11. i like the bigger one
  12. my bigger one took all my essential needs.....wallet, cell phone and extra pocket for whatever!
  13. I'm just under 5'...the smaller one is much cuter on our frame.
  14. when it just came out i was going to get one aswell, but it seriously didn't fit anything.
  15. i have the large one, and though it fits everything i need... it looks too big when i put it around my waist (i'm 5'4).

    it was either practicality or fashion...