How do you like the rock and chain flap?

  1. Today I tried the rock and chain flap, I am surprised it is under $2000, I have always thought that this bag must be over $2000.

    I like the chain, and I like the size of it. I am just not too sure about the big logo (I normally do not like big logo on bag) and the leather (is it durable? Does it get scratches easily? and do you feel the leather is a bit too thin, filmy - esp. the flap portion?)

    Those of you who have the bag, do you think it worth the $$$?

    I am waiting for the red med caviar with the new chain, between the two, which is around the same price range, which one would you pick? I cannot afford to buy them both at the same time. But the red caviar classic flap is just so gorgeous, though the rock and chain is a good size for everyday use.
  2. I tried on the RnC the triple chain but i do not like how the bag sits....its tooo flimsy and too plain for the price, but logo wise its relaly out there...i do not like it at all..if you wear it with it stuffed with tisseu paper..the bag could look good, but if you put your normal stuff in, liek wallet, phone etc etc, it can look 'dragged' down and have a funny look and it just spoilt the whole loses big time with this range..however, the red with new chain flap, its absilutely gorgoeous..yummilisious...i have one!
  3. ^ thanks for the input! I also felt that the leather was kinda filmsy too...

    what size did you get for the red caviar? I am waiting for the med.
  4. i have the bag myself...i love the leather and the feel of it. but i agree with needs to be stuffed with more than your phone and wallet, because the bag drapes really weird if it isnt stuffed. Other than that..i love it..i think its a pretty good size, not to big not too happy with it.
  5. i love it! its looks like such a useful bag to crarry around all day
  6. I have the rock and chain in both the large and small sizes – I absolutely love it. I am usually a Balenciaga girl (I own over 20 of them) and hate structured bags (e.g. classic Chanel), so I love the way the rock and chain is unstructured. The leather is definitely not flimsy, not if you compare it with Balenciaga leathers.
  7. i tried on the rock n chain bag, but it must have been the large size one (over 2k) because i felt like i was going a trip or hiking...i personally didn't like it or the small one for that matter. I agree that the triple chain is cool though.
  8. Love the chain! If you have doubts, stick with your the red cavier! Good luck
  9. i really like it, and there's a red version o fthis bag which i don't blieve have hit the stores yet, so i'm waiting.
  10. The red version already hit the stores and it's gorgeous. I'd rather have this red flap than the caviar jumbo.
  11. REALLY? WHERE DID U SEE IT AT? sa hasn't called me yet
  12. actually I saw the red one yesterday at SCP and tried it too. It's the large one. with gold h/w. I don't like that red color though, kinda browish to me, looks "old"

  13. then I probably wouldn't like the rock and chain, I love bags that are more structured and I am such a classic flap bag girl.
  14. i thought the rockand chain only comes with silver hardware...are you sure it's the rock and chain flap bag?
  15. It's not structured like classic flap and it's not unstructured like coco cabas. It has the shape of a flap bag but not too rigid, not too filmsy. Not too plain 'cause it has enough hardware details. Color of that gold hardware is just perfect for that red. I dont' think this red color is browish. I think it's bright burgundy.