How do you like the new luxury line?

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  1. I got my flap bag today and I was really disappointed. The black leather is blah, very boring, and it's not worth $2300 in my opinion. Off back to the store it goes!!:sad2:
  2. I'm glad someone else wasn't wowed with the Luxury line. The black bags I saw looked "faded"--did yours look that way too? I think the metallic black could be a hopeful winner...
  3. Yes, faded and no life. Oh well....too bad.:sad:
  4. I am not that impressed with the Luxury Line either. I went to my local Chanel Boutique the weekend it came out. I miss the quilted leather and I was not that impressed with the "new technology" (as the SA put it), of the imbeded(?) chain. It's not like I think it is ugly, I just wansn't blown away.
  5. I just got my new black metallic flap bag from the luxury line and it's beautiful. It is much nicer than the regular black bag. I love it!!! My second choice would have been the red because that color is hot too!!
  6. PLease post some pictures!!! Can't wait to see it.:nuts: