How do you like the new luxury line?

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  1. Have you checked the line out in person? Do you like the color? Do you like the big logo in front? Do you its non-quilted design, or do you prefer the quilted ones?? Please share!!
  2. I took a look today because I was obsessed with the bowler bag. But I was a bit disappointed. I'm not a Chanel enthusiast, but was hoping to become one....

    The bags are attractive, but they didn't quite do "it" for me... The medium size bowler can't be fit under the arm comfortably--so it was a "no go" for me... The tote is attractive, but doesn't do enough for me.
  3. I saw them in the window but they didnt really pull me into the store :sad:
  4. What I am glad about is the Chanel didn't go overboard with the details and embellishement - they kept it simple ... and the leather bags are gorgeous, just not jaw-dropping gorgeous ... the denim - after all it is denim and I don't think denim quality changes mauch - is overprices, even for a Chanel ...

    If the luxury line is geared to showing that the fabrics used are expensive - then I can understand it. But not for denim ...

    But I like the new handles - with the chains stiched directly into the fabric ....
  5. i have not checked them ut personally, but jills' bag is stunning. i am planning a visit this thursday, though. lets see what i come home with.
  6. Are you going to a Chanel boutique? If so, could you keep your eye out for patent flap bags? I'm looking for one that's on the larger side, like the large Reissue or the Jumbo flap... Thanks!
  7. Saw luxury line collection today and it's definitely gorgeous. A fresh look to the always quilted chanel bags. Love the metallic silver ones.
  8. Still waiting for my flap bag, should be here this week. I'll report back.
  9. I love my new lux line tote..its amazingly soft and so comfy to carry....Its really beautiful in person-check it out
  10. I love my new lux bag, too (I have the red flap). I like the chains and the non-quilting (even though all my other Chanels have quilting). It's a really fun, casual bag. You should try to see one in person and hold it.
  11. I love the new lux bags! I am still waiting for my metallic black flap bag!! I can't wait!! It should be here the end of the month!
  12. I feel like the flat tote is a little too heavy.
    I finally got to see the denim line luxury and I just think the edge of
    denim that chains run thru inside the bag could be run easy.
    So far no problem yet but that's the only part I'm worry about.
    I really love the Goat skin shining metallic in silver flap bag.

    And it's surprise me to know now this bag have part2.
    Nothing much different than part 1 just French man forget to
    make cellphone holder for inside the bag.
    So some of you guy who bought this luxury line will have cellphone
    holder inside if bought it after March 20.
    Enjoy buy Chanel LUX line!
  13. The new lux bags are a little heavy, aren't they? I thought it was just me.
  14. Is it because of all the hardware?
  15. It's sooo NOT heavy! My ligne Cambon is way heavier!!! Its alot lighter!!!! but the leather is more delicate than the quilted....I must be careful!!