How do you like my new Water mark!!!!

  1. Hot isn't it im just testing it:graucho: can you tell I have a groom obsession:confused1: lol oh and btw this is my first time showing part of my face :shame:


  2. that's fab great job LMM

    I've seen your face before :ninja: LOL
  3. very nice ... good job!
  4. Looks great! I love Groom too :smile:
  5. Great work LMM!
  6. Nice watermark and face, lol.
  7. Thanx! you mean part of the face :lol:
  8. Looks great!!!!!
  9. nope your whole face :yes: curious umm
  10. ^^^curosity killed the cat...
  11. Looks good and so does half of your face.
  12. OMG Label Addict is stalking me:shocked:
  13. but satisfaction brought him back :p

    hehe love the watermark!
  14. That groom makes for a nice pillow lol
  15. :woohoo: