How do you like my Diors!

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  1. I got my new sunnies today!!!!!!! What do you think!?! its a phone photo, i will post proper ones if you want me to. luv me!
  2. Sexy!
  3. Gotta luv you!! That Dior looks hot on you! Great buy.
  4. Thanks! i am obsessed by them!
  5. It looks fabulous!!
  6. Looks great. You look like a model.:amuse: Not to be nosey, what kind of phone do you have? It takes great pics.
  7. Those are cute :biggrin: I like the white/lav combo as well.
  8. love the shape :biggrin:
  9. it's cute!!!Loves it!!
  10. Cool!
  11. Ditto.
  12. Gorgeous....I like.
  13. Hot!
  14. It looks good on you! Congrats!
  15. Yeah, Baby!!! Very Sexy!!!