how do you like bags with studs?

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  1. They were all in the hype, but is that trend fading or will it last?
  2. Trend-wise, it will probably fade and recycle (come back 10 years later).

    Personally, I think it depends on the overall styling of the bag - I've seen some that look unbelievably cheap, even when they're more expensive, and I've seen some where the studs just add to the overall appeal of the bag.
  3. I Love studs whether they are in or out. My Botkier and several of my Koobas are loaded with them. Thye might not be for everyone but they appeal to me.
  4. I like studs, too, but I don't want my whole bag peppered with them.
  5. Same here. :yes:
  6. my studs bag that i loves are mybalenciaga... they will last, at least for me... :P
  7. I have an eggplant Bulga one with studs I still love. I agree, it depends on the shape of the bag and amount of studding. If it's used as an accent it ***may*** remain timeless but if it's overdone it'll scream trendy.
  8. I think the stud phase is definitely fading, but I still love the long as it's done in moderation.
  9. I have a Celine Boogie with studs (but not the ones that stick out so it is not that in your face)
    I just love this bag - but I am Celine Boogie fan (one of my very favourites...)
  10. I like studs on a bag ... it, of course, depends on the design of the bag. I have several studded bags like my IF Audra and Rafe Rivington ... I still like them:smile:
  11. Depends which, I love them on balanciaga. Kooba not so much.
  12. I like them on casual bags. It took me awhile to warm up to them, though.
  13. I like them. I have them on my Botkier skeleton.
  14. I have them on my Kooba hobo (black with brass studs). I LOVE 'em!!
  15. I like them but they can go oh so wrong.