How do you let go?

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  1. Hi ladies and gents! I have a b30 that I’m heavily considering selling. It is my very first quota bag and i technically bought it for my mom (granted I made the decision without notifying was supposed to be a surprise lol) It is my mom’s favorite color but it just doesn’t really fit her lifestyle right now. She feels a Constance would fit her lifestyle much more even though she has a lot of appreciation of B and K. I’m only 27 and the reality is that I don’t have the money to have 4 quota bags (I have a B and K in addition to the b30). I’m just having such a tough time letting go even though I will never use that bag over my b35. I also understand that selling bag is being frowned upon.

    I’m interested in hearing stories regarding the reasons why people let their bag(s) go and what was your thought process like. Thanks for reading!
  2. I sold a Gold 35 B (gold hardware) in Clemence which is considered one of the popular colors because it simply no longer fit my style. It didn’t move me anymore like it once did and I found myself not carrying it. I was happy to sell it because I knew it would go to someone that would love it and care for it like I once did. That was pretty much it. However, I never heard or knew that selling/re-homing bags you no longer want/use was frowned upon. When did this happen?!?!
  3. I was thinking that people would view me as a reseller :facepalm:
  4. I think people have many different definitions as to what constitutes a reseller but I don’t think selling a bag you no longer carry or want is the true definition of a reseller...and even so, what is so bad about being a reseller as people buy from resellers (I know I do). I think people who resell as to price gouge are the ones to really be frowned upon or those who use their “A-list” status at boutiques only to sell popular bags at a profit and double the price. Otherwise, just selling a bag you don’t want anymore, I don’t see that as the same but that’s just me.
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  5. I sold my first quota bag to a friend so I could finance my next one. It made it much easier to let go knowing I’d still see my former bag from time-to-time and that it was going to a good home.
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  6. I re-home bags when they no longer work for me. I totally understand the nostalgia associated with a first bag or one in a dream color, but H bags are too expensive to sit in boxes. As a previous poster pointed out, a reseller is someone who uses their status simply to buy bags for the purpose of reselling to make a profit. A consumer who loves and enjoys the bags and then resells when the bag no longer works is being practical! I've sold several Kelly's through the years. I kept purchasing Kelly's (new and vintage) in hopes that I would use them more and they never seemed to work. Most recently, I had a Gris T Kelly with GHW that I stressed over selling. I swooned every time I looked at it, but I couldn't get it to work for me. It was too cumbersome, too formal, too light etc and it sat in a box for 2 years! I finally consigned it and used the money towards a b30 which is a bag that works for my lifestyle and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

    If you don't think you'll use the B30, let it go. Someone who has desperately been looking for a bag in that size and color will give it a good home! Then, go buy you or your mom a new bag that you/she will get to use and enjoy. Life is short, you might as well surround yourself with things that you love and can enjoy. Now, my Anemone B35 on the other hand is a bag that I probably should sell but for many reasons, that is the one bag I have a hard time letting go of. Good Luck with your decision.
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  7. Agree.

    If a bag doesn't work for you, selling it off doesn't make you a re-seller. It is not a business for us. We don't have a stable of bags from various people who consign their used/newly attained bags to be sold through us and we earn our commission. To me that is a re-seller. (I have nothing against resellers by the way, quite a few bags I got through them because they are either ltd ed or won't even be offered to me).
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  8. I think that selling something that no longer contributes to your current situation is smart, rather than a negative. People think nothing of selling a car when it no longer works for their lifestyle. Art collectors often hone their collections as time goes on, and that frequently includes selling current pieces to purchase other pieces that represent a new direction in the collection. Why should bags be any different? I think this concept can apply to almost any material object or collection.
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  9. Absolutely! Well said.
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  10. If you put in your mind that you own things and the things don’t own you, then “letting go” of them should not be hard in general---whether it’s a purse, a jewelry, a car, or even a house.
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  11. Excellent points!!
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  12. Love this sentiment!
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  13. letting go of possessions is easy - enjoy while you have them, let go when you no longer need or want them. truly nothing to it.
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  14. Nothing wrong with reselling what you don't like unless you want to donate the Birkin to a charity. No different than selling your car. And even if you make a profit from it, there is nothing wrong. H bags have always been called an 'investment' by the auction houses. Does anyone ever think bad of those that sell their artwork? Those are even higher prices.
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  15. We know you're not a reseller.

    The 'frowning' is more to do with resellers (full-time professionals or part-time wannabes) posing as regular members. They appear out of planet nowhere and 5 minutes/posts later they have a thinly veiled question concerning selling accompanied by pics of their bag or item from every angle. What they don't always realise our reg members often trawl every IntsaFB/Bay/etc account and know current availability on every spec of almost every bag out there. It's very irksome to held by rules when they see others flouting them and so they may appear cynical to you and other members, actually they just want fairness for all.

    Anyway, many on this forum also regularly tell people to sell their H things they have no use for and that's what I would say in this case. No good letting it sit in your cupboard. Check the discussion thread of the reputable resellers thread in the H shopping subforum as it's very hard to sell yourself (sellers get scammed as well as buyers). Some members buy the occasional hard to find preloved H item from a friend of similar (good) taste. Just be careful.