How do you ladies wear your scarves?

  1. I love the scarf I just got from Carolyn, but I'm afraid if I wear it as a belt with jeans, that the jeans will color transfer on the scarf...and I know I'm being OCD, but I'm afraid it will get wrinkled/lose the lines of the I being completely weird??

    How do you ladies wear your scarves when you're being casual?
  2. I wear Hermes scarves as a top. You fold it in half as a triangle shape and put a scarf ring through the top edge of the triangle. Then separate the scarf, tie aroud your neck. Then rest of two bottom edges of triangle go around your torso to tie on the back. I wear it like that all the time. I LOVE IT!!!:heart: And people love how I wear Hermes scarves!

    It become such a great, sexy, and pop-out summer top. Hermes SA should be able to teach you how to do it better than me in writing...:P
  3. :huh: you must have a really good figure!! I would be scared to wear it as a top!
  4. I wear mine pirate style on my head.. and do the hippy -chic bohemian with an H scarf thing:P

    If I get too hot, or want to take it off, I then tie it around my Kelly or Birkin or Trim's handle.. looks SO hot!!:roflmfao:
  5. hmmm....well I won't dream of giving hints on how to wear these scarves because although I collect them and love them too, I have a complete scarf-tying deficiency. BUT! I DO wear them as belts on my jeans a lot and I'm here to tell you that none of my jeans have transfered color onto my scarves. So wear away with no worries about that!

    After you start using your scarf the first few times, you won't worry so much about the fold marks and wrinkles. You'll just start enjoying them!!!
  6. ^ No transfer marks on mine from jeans, either. I also wear mine as a thick headband/headscarf.
  7. i wear them as a belt or if it's a twilly, i tie it on my wrist or's a great hair accessory, too, to tie ponytails!
  8. Go to HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance and download the Playtime with your scarf booklets 1 and 2. There's some great suggestions in there. I like to wear my scarves 'small' round my neck for casual or on hot days, either with a bias fold or the scarf twisted around itself.

    I also like wearing them as belts, Kummerbund style, but it does wrinkle them (which you can steam out again, no prob).
  9. my fave!
    you don't find the silk makes it too slippery to stay put?
  10. hmm, seems the divine one is fibbing a little here . . . anybody remember this gem?

  11. hm..any good steamers that you ladies know of?
  12. Rowenta is a great brand that is Hermes scarf tried and tested.
  13. the one I posted about a few days ago :smile: Wanted to mkae sure it was a good steamer. I think i'm going to wear my Hermes scarf in Cali this weekend!~
  14. I also wear mine as a belt and have had no problems. Or with a scarf ring I have worn it as a belt over a shirt (it's in the Playtime and scarf book). I mostly just wear them around my neck. :flowers:
  15. One great way to use your scarf, is as a handbag ! It's not in the playtime books, but your scarf SA can show you. They wrap the scarf around the Bolide makeup bag and make the scarf into a shoulder bag - very very pretty !

    Sad to say, I have not mastered the technique yet...