How do you ladies keep your Bals new looking, any tips!?

  1. Ok so i have had my cornflower city for 2 months now, and i LOVE her!!
    Only problem is i was used to LV and I think I may have been a bit too hard on her:rolleyes:!

    The tassels have split already even though I have been careful, i mean i put her on my knee so not to pull too hard to close her, kwim?

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to savor the newness (sp?)lol!
    I have put a charm onto the zip so i dont have to use the tassels!

    Im just worried that i will ruin her!:sweatdrop:

  2. I rarely zip close my bag even my LV's. I can't be bothered with opening and closing it everytime I want to reach in for my wallet, cellphone, keys, lip balm, etc. The only time I zip them close is when I need to put it down (for whatever). The bag is usually in the crook of my arm or in my hands so there's no chance of anything spilling out. Some of my tassels have split but I actually prefer the look of them that way!:tup:
  3. Hey girl,

    I treat my Bals just as I would my vachetta LVs.....I don't hand-carry them alot (usually in the crook of my arm or on my shoulder) to avoid warming/discoloring handles.
    And I do the same with the tassles....pull very gently and typically grab right close to the actual zipper pull!
  4. Well, it seems like the '06 tassles seem to split faster than other years but that is normal. I don't normally zip my bags up either so that kind of helps my tassles stay nice. I think it's a good idea that you put a charm on your zip pull because that will help and look cute! I spray my bags with Apple Guard Protectant Spray so they don't get dirty and to help the handles not darken.
  5. Yes maybe I will just not zip it up as much!
    I carry it in the crook of the arm all the time, and the handles haven't darkened at all, i haven't sprayed it with anything. I was just worried about the tassels!