How do you ladies (and gents) stay focused on your H fund?

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  1. I'm all over the place. My fund would be growing at an astronomical rate if I wasn't editing & replenishing my wardrobe at the same time. Ugh... currently trying to avoid the siren call of about $2500 worth of merchandise... help!
  2. LOL.......well I'm not going to be any help but I sure can commiserate with you!!!!!!!!!!
  3. If I had the funds myself, it would be WAY more difficult, as I was holding on to $2,000 of my own, but yeah, it's dwindling, lol :biggrin: And now I'm going to a big pottery show today, one that has my favorite type of pottery, and I KNOW it's going to go down a lil more :shame: My Dad holds onto my $ now, since I work for him. I told him I didn't want to be paid until July/August (bag date). Can't spend it if Daddy's holding onto it, lol! I pretty much set up an "Hermes Calendar" that shows exactly when I want to make each purchase this year, as I should have the funds at the time if I don't do any crazy off-track spending.
  4. ahhhh...
    the game of (Hermes) life...
    you are playing it well, my dear...
    i suspect you will balance your dilemma by buying a select few baubles that make your heart sing.
    btw, for me, includes a new pristine white lace trimmed cami- be it from bergdorf's or aeropostale.
    hl...have a good ol' time whatever you decide!!!!
  5. put into a CD that you can't take out for a yr :p
  6. I like the idea of budgeting for Hermes purchases and think it would be fabulous to get a call from my SA call when I actually have the money in hand. But my Hermes life hasn't worked that way. I get the call, buy the bag and then figure out how to pay the Amex bill. So far, so good.
  7. keep H fund account separate. that's the DO NOT TOUCH account (for example. savings account). if you are updating wardrobe or buying other things..that's just out of the usual expenses (lets say your usual checking).. that make you a little "poor" on your usual days but at least you know the H money isn't touched.

    the month w/ 3 paychecks also helps. one go straight into the fund.

    you have to be really serious about this fund. no cheating allowed.
  8. great that would be!!!!
  9. I'm so bad at staying focused that one of the tricks I use, in order to keep my H funds intact, is to NOT go near my favourite stores (clothes, shoes, whatever) where I know I would find something to buy...."Out of sight, out of mind" KWIM? If I don't see things, I'm not going to want them!
  10. nice mind management duna.
    its such a good habit.
  11. I am REALLY bad at this! Even yesterday I was contemplating spending $2K on another bag- and I am sitting her trying to convince myself NOT to buy it because that is another $2k towards my Birkin fund. AHHH. It's so annoying!!! Damn Chanel. and Jimmy Choos. and Manolo. They are the devil, I swear!
  12. yup..stay away from the evil force!! stay awayyyyyy!!
  13. LOL, I'm the same, but I've cut back on everything now except for Hermes and I have reached the point in Hermes where I have everything I love so a new purchase has to be very special to break into my Birkin fund. I also have a good relationship with the few stores that I visit so I feel very comfortable having a good look and discussion and not necessarily buying something unless it sings to me loud and clear. You might find some inspiration in this thread, I found it fascinating and picked up some good tips:
  14. Tell me about it!!

    I'm currently having a hard time, too. I should be able to buy a Birkin within several months, but i keep blowing what i DO have on makeup, clothes, and we just went to Disney a few weeks ago and i spent like CRAZY.
    And now i'm online trying my hardest to keep from buying a couple hundreds worth of MORE makeup.
    I know a coupe hundred here or there doesn't SEEM like a lot in the realm of a Birkin, but the way i've been spending it, it's adding up too quickly.
  15. yes, chanel and manolo.. i'm always struggling on them between my H fund. i'm almost THIS close to buy a miu miu bag for my labtop and luckily/sadly they don't have the color i want... :sweatdrop: