How do you Kusama cosmetic pouch owner carry yours in their bag? (inkl. pics!)

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  1. I just got the yellow Kusama cosmetic pouch and I was wondering how you other cosmetic pouch owners use yours?

    1. Do you carry it just in the bag?
    2. Or do you carry it in the bag in the dust bag? (Kind of unpractical if you wanna reach something in that pouch...)
    3. Don't use it at all?
    4. Stuff it with cosmetics?
    5. Use it for small stuff?

    I am asking as I was wondering about future rubbing. I guess that print is pretty sturdy, still it won't last forever. Do you prepare in any kind to avoid that?
    kusama-celine1.JPG kusama-cline2.JPG kusama in.JPG kusama open.JPG
  2. I don't think there's a wrong way to use it. Whatever is right for YOU is the right way.
  3. Thank you. I think I will probably just use it. I mean that is what it is for and if it is just sitting in the closet it will not be much fun... Of course I would handle it with care, so not to provoke early rubbing - but I guess it it rubs it rubs.

    Still I am very interested to know how other owners use them. :idea: Probably someone has a good handling idea. Who knows. :yes:
  4. love your celine by the way:smile: thank you for asking the question as i m on the fence to get the pouch when it is going to release here in turkey..
  5. The way you are using it looks great!!!!! I'm going to use mine like a clutch only!!!!! There is no correct what feels right to you!!!!
  6. I put my little items: iPhone, gloss, elastic band, pen etc. however I put the flannel dust bag folded inside the cosmetic bag at the bottom
    To protect the lining. I have noticed
    That the corners are Very pointy... I am afraid of rubbing the canvas and am extra careful with the corners of the pohette
  7. Thank you. :smile: When are they going to release the pouch in Turkey and do you already know which one you are gonna get! I hope you get want you wish for!

    Thank you. I would love to use mine that way, but as I have it for only a few days I am still a bit hesitant. You know - that shine all new things have when you get them. Like a kind of magical shine...

    Thank you for your input! I haven't thought of protecting the inner lining as the SA told me it is washable. Do you protect the outer canvas of your cosmetic bag?
  8. Anybody? I am so excited to hear some more experience stories!
  9. No I don't protect the outer canvas. I am just careful not to rub the corners to the bag's zipper when pulling it out from my handbags
  10. You have got to be kidding me!! They are still using that man made washable lining? Every product that I own with that lining has peeled, cracked, and deteriorated. What a shame that they still use that garbage! I thought that stuff was history
  11. I tested it as a clutch and posted pics in an older thread. I can post them here as well so you can see. Here are two. Let me find the other ones...
    image-788108031.jpg image-42278496.jpg
  12. The SA was very clear that this little guy is meant to be used. She said the inside is faux leather so that it can get messy and be cleaned easily. So I say don't worry!
    Photo on 2012-09-08 at 22.43 #3.jpg Photo on 2012-09-08 at 22.44.jpg
  13. These pics are making me want one desperately!!
  14. Ya, I decided, I will just use it and just becareful not to do as you suggested and try to prevent putting sharp things on it.

    As jess says, this is meant to be used. And if I have it in my closet, then I could have bought something else. ;)

    Jessicalistic - love all your modeling pics and what you are carrying in the pouch pics! :woohoo: I was also thinking of using the pouch both as cosmetics bag and as small clutch!
  15. update: I noticed that one of the corners of my kusama cosmetic pouch is chipped and we see the white canvas underneath :sad: I have not being using it daily either. Does anyone have the same problem ?