How do you know..?

  1. How do you find out what lookes best on you. Silver or gold.
    I found some cool coin earrings, but in both silver and gold. Many people get some sort of colour-test and they can see what would look best.

    I´m pale, red hair, and lots of freckels and blue-green eyes. Silver or gold?

    5857545857578.JPG 55775758.JPG

  2. Im thinking of your description...and I think you would ROCK in gold!!!!
  3. Well, I think you would probably look great in both colors due to your eye coloring, lucky girl! If the gokd are too gold, they will look cheap.Make sure the gold has an antique look if you choose gold color. Silver will work with more casual apparel. Hey ronja!!!!:love:
  4. Thank you..
    I just bought a gold coin necklas without the pearls...


    Hey star3777:idea:
  5. I think gold would look better with your coloring! Silver might wash you out. But as with anything, try on many pieces and you may be surprised to find that conventional wisdom isn't always the rule.
  6. Beautiful, Ronja! I bet it looks great on you!
  7. If you get your 'colours' done at a beautician or whatever they will also tell you which golds and stones suit you best.

    I think generally if you are a 'cool' colour then blues, green, pinks, rose gold, white gold, silver, pewter etc, suit you best and if you are a 'warm' colour then oranges, yellows, olive greens and yellow gold are the way to go.
  8. P.S. That is me in my avatar and I am a 'cool' person (hehehe). :smile:
  9. Hehe, thanks all.. :smile:

  10. Im too late but i still say GOLD!!
  11. DEFO Gold would go great with your hair tone