How do you know which bags will go to the outlet?

  1. I'm really am liking the Chelsea Signature Satchel, but I'm wondering am I better off picking it up under PCE plus my store credit or just using my credit at the outlet? This one retails for $378.

    If I got it right, PCE ends on Sunday the 23rd. Am I wrong thinking this bag will be at the outlets soon?

    Thanks guys for your help!!
  2. It's been out for awhile so you might be right - that's what happened to the ergos a few months ago. You could always get it now and hang onto it in your closet with the tags on and play the waiting game. Even if they make it to the outlets, there's a big chance you won't be able to catch one. They fly off the shelves!!
  3. I had a situation where my Ergo hobo ended up at the outlets right after PCE, and I was really surprised. Most of the time, though, the 'hot' bags don't last long at the outlets. They had some cotton carlys in different sizes, and those puppies flew faster than a 747.

    If you really love it, pick it up now, hold it and then check the outlet. You can also call the outlet, give them the style number and ask them to call you when one comes in.