How do you know when you're ready to work out again after being sick?

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  1. Hey everybody!

    My question is in the title, but I'll let you know a bit about the background.

    About 4 weeks ago I started doing Bikram (Hot) Yoga after being not very active for a while. I was doing Bikram for 3-4 times a week. Not I got a nasty cold with possibly a little fever on Wednesday night. As always when I get a cold I also have a sinus infection, so I feel a bit feverish, dizzy, headache etc.

    Anyway, I really want to go back to Bikram, because I am worried I might not get back into the routine of going 3-4 times a week if I take too long of a pause. On the other hand, Bikram Yoga is very rough on the cardiovascular system, so I really worry it might be dangerous to go back too soon.

    So how do I know when my body is ready to go back? How do you decide you're ready to go back to exercising after you were sick?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. I usually just ease back into it. If I still have a fever, or am feeling really tired or weak, I don't do it. Otherwise I just do what I can until I work back up to normal again... I don't think there is any right time, just listen to whatever your body is telling you.
  3. I've been wondering the same thing since I'm getting over a bad flu. But I have started with easy exercise like walking, next I will ramp up to short cardio (like 20 minutes jogging) if I feel OK then back to regular routine. I think the key is to not overdo it and if you realize you are still sick rest a few more days.
  4. It's a good question. Generally, I think when you have no fever and nothing below the throat, in other words, no chest issues, no body aches, like that. Ease back in, don't overdo it.
  5. Hey everyone! Thank you for your input!

    Sorry for starting a thread and then disappearing. My family has had a rough weekend... suicide in the extended family... there are no words... only haunting questions remain...

    Needless to say, my health has not been my number one priority. I took the little kids out to the playground etc. to give the adults some quiet family time (the kids are too young to understand). Being outside in the surprisingly cold fall weather has definitely set me back health-wise as my cold was/is definitely still there.

    I'll see how I feel after tonight though. I'd like to practice tomorrow or Tuesday. After this crazy weekend I want to go back to yoga sooner rather than later!
  6. My mom and I was walking this summer and I came down with a fever and cold. I took a couple of weeks off until I felt better. If you feel better go ahead and start, but if you don't just get the needed rest.
  7. I have the flu and I keep on my routine, but with lower intensity. Instead of a run today i only went for a long walk to the post office and back (around 3 miles) to pick up my books. I will do 15 minutes of pilates instead of my usual 30-45 minutes.

    I just try to get plenty of fluids and sleep. I noticed that if I keep on my routine and being active I feel more energized. I avoid tv at all costs because it makes me feel worse.

    Really depends on how awful you feel. I usually feel active/functional even with high temperature.

    As for yoga, why not take a class of lower intensity and start Bikram when you feel strong enough?
  8. So I ended up going back to Bikram on Monday. I was got very dizzy. I felt sicker again the day after. I guess the answer to my question for me is: "If in ANY doubt, do not work out!"

    I definitely feel better today, so I'm going again tomorrow :smile:
  9. bikrim is the last thing you should ease yourself back into. esp when ur getting over a head cold. the heat + the upside down motions arent good if your sick. wait until your 100% better before you go back. in the meantime, you can practice some yoga on your own at home
  10. I agree with the others who say bikram is too severe until you are 100% back to yourself. Do something like hatha and go out jogging or walking wrapped up against the weather. Go at your own pace. Swim, rest, nourish your body. It's telling you to slow down.
  11. ^ I agree 100% the proper nourishment & rest is so important to a good recovery (especially the proper rest). I'd definitely ease into it and let your immune system power up again. :sleepy::sleepy:
  12. I'm so sorry about the tragedy in your family. :sad:

    Normally, if I am sick, I wait until the day after I am feeling better. I give myself a day to be better without putting any stress on myself, then the next day I'll work out, and take it pretty easy. Ease back into it, and be sure to get enough liquids and nutrition.
  13. Thank you, exotikitten!

    It sounds like a good rule of thumb to give your body a day of feeling better.

    I went back to Bikram yesterday, but now I feel worse again!!! Ugh, I'll give myself two more days of rest then, I guess. As you can tell, I'm anxious to get back. There are just a lot of bugs going around here. Everyone is getting sick, feeling better, and then getting sick again. It happens EVERY year after Oktoberfest, because a million tourists from all over the world come and the viruses mutate and of course it's flu season anyway...