How do you know when you're drunk?

  1. I'm not sure if this belongs to General Discussion or if it belongs to the food section, but it is one of those random things that have always intrigued me. I have never been drunk before (by that I mean headache the following day and not being able to remember what happened) but I'm always curious as to how a person would know whether he/she is drunk.

    See, I thought if you were drunk, you wouldn't know because you were already pretty much gone. Yet I've known people who would tell me that they were "drunk" (I'd think they're more buzzed than drunk if they can actually TELL me the state that they're in). I mean, if you are drunk, how would you know? I was under the impression that being drunk means the stage where you cannot remember what you were doing??

    Can someone who has been through this shed light on this? I'm curious ... I know it's a bit of a weird questions, but seeing that I just got almost 30 rejection letters in one day, I needed a distraction:crybaby:
  2. LOL...Ummmmmm..Id tell ya if I could remember....ROFL

  3. I think you're def. drunk before you get to the point where you can't remember. There is def. that stage when you're falling down laughing, seeing double, woozie, dizzy, telling everyone, "Oh my God, I am soooo DRUNK" in a slurry silly way as you grab onto them for dear life that is the beginning of ridiculous drunken behavior--well, that it how it was for me (many years ago) I guess I was a happy drunk. I tried not to go too far beyond that because too many drinks after that stage leads to the painful stage and that is just not fun at all.
  4. when you're drunk, you can always tell. You feel lightheaded and you're whole body feels different, it's pretty hard to explain. You are usually aware of what you're doing, like who you're dancing with or kissing. The only time you don't know what's going on is when you're in the stage before you pass out, but that stage is usually short lived. Keep in mind, while you are aware of what you're doing, it's usually stupid/wrong but it seems like the best idea at the time. When people don't remember what happened it's usually the next morning after they wake up.

    I think being drunk is a little different for everyone but I know I'm drunk once I feel the lightheadedness, and I've only not remembered what happened once...but that was because I thought Long Island iced tea actually had iced tea in it, and not 16253 types of alcohol!

    Hope I helped, but I wouldn't recommend drinking when you're upset...unless you're going out to an establishment with a group of people for a fun night. There's nothing worse than being upset and drinking by yourself. Good Luck!
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    Believe me, there's a stage after a bit tipsy and before passing out that you know you are well and truly drunk, you start slurring your words (and say silly things) and you're much less coordinated in your movements, but that doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing.... I wouldn't recommend anybody getting to this stage unless you're in the company of really good, old friend, LOL

    It's a myth that you always forget what you do when you're drunk, sometimes you might have some "holes", but most of the time you can painfully remember what an idiot you've been...:rolleyes:
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  7. There's a stage where I am discomubulated, and feels like I'm covered in a blanket. I am told that I am behaving perfectly fine at this point, but I feel sort of 'separated' from the rest of the crowd. I usually stop drinking at this point because I prefer to be aware of what is happening around me instead of feeling like my mind is being numbed.
  8. Ok, so what if you're feeling a little (just a little) more relaxed and things are moving in a SLIGHTLY slower motion than usual (but you still move and talk just fine and nobody can tell that you've even drank anything), is that considered drunk or buzzed?

    Typically it takes me 3 glasses of Vodka to get me to that stage ... I have half a bottle of Vodka that I need to clear out before my folks come home. wish I have someone to share it with. :p
  9. If you are impaired (ie; cannot drive or operate heavy machinery, judgement is questionable) you are drunk. You don't necessarily have to have a memory loss. When you start having memory loss (blackouts) not only were you drunk but are stepping into the wonderful world of alcoholism.
  10. poor kouk! I'd share it with ya but I'm working on keeping sober these days in support of the hubby!
  11. You might know your are drunk if:
    *You suddenly think every guy in the place is hot
    *You think you can sing
    *You think it is a good idea to drive your car off the end of a pier
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    That's definitely when I know I'm drunk.
  13. Haha what a funny topic. I know I'm drunk when I tell all my girls I love them, that every song playing is my "favorite" song, and when you adamantly exclaim "I'm not drunk!"

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: so true:biggrin:
  15. I can't feel my nose