How do you know when your pet is spoiled?

  1. My rat terrier is such a brat. Last night I gave all the dogs taquitos (rolled up pork things). The lab & shi-chi chewed theirs up while the ratty sat on hers all night & guarded it. The next afternoon she was still there w/ her taquito so I decided to give the lab & shi-chi new ones. Pawly (the ratty) wanted another one but I wouldn't give her one so she went into her bed & tossed out her "old" taquito. I couldn't help but laugh & trade the lab's for hers.
    Do you have any spoiled pet stories?
  2. lol! That's super cute!!
  3. I'm living with my Mom for the next four months while I finish my Master's. My Mom makes my beagle an omelet every morning for breakfast, and has yet to offer me one:wtf:

    Boy is he going to be in for a shock when we move out.
  4. That's too funny!
  5. LOL My mom spoils my dogs even worse than I do!! When I get my own place next year, my dogs will lose soooo much weight!!! LMAO!!
  6. My baby has a dog bed/pillow in every room. She also has a huge tub filled with toys. She sleeps in the big bed with us too. With that face I can't help but spoil her.

    Cheapthrills: LOL at the taquito! She was guarding it the next day? ROFL I can just picture! My baby would have inhaled it in 5 seconds.
  7. Booker is spoiled to the point of obsession. My mom doggie-sat when we went on vacation last year and it was raining out so she held an umbrella over him while he piddled outside.
  8. When Louis was a kitten, he'd go to tbe bathroom everywhere BUT the litter box.

    We freaked out, thinking there was something wrong with him. The vet just said he didn't like his kitty litter.

    So whenever the store doesn't have the usual brand of kitty litter, I have to make sure it's not too smooth or it doesn't have some odd odor. (Louis hates that.)

    I was curious about trying Tidy Cats Crystals, so I had to actually unscrew the lid and feel it to see if Louis would like the texture. He does, so that's our usual litter.

    Willie will use any litter, he really doesn't care. Louis is the picky one.

    And I don't know if this counts as spoiling them, but both Louis and Wilie will eat anything, but I have to get the anti hairball formula because Louis horks up way less hairballs as he would without that particular food.

    And for the both of them, if I had to the door to my room closed and I'll see the paw come under the door, I'll let them in. They get upset when I close my door.
  9. Also, whenever we have some sort of meat or fish for dinner, we always cut little pieces off for Louis and Willie. They have special dishes and everything.
  10. Love these stories, keep em coming...for me my standard poodle gets to sleep with me or my brother every night, gets steaks cooked for her lol, and tons of toys and toy poodle puppy as soon as i set him down in his cage thing he looks at me like pleeeeeeease carry me so I pick him right back up except when I leave for school in the morning its so sad to leave him there when I see that face lol!
  11. My Maltese sleeps in the bed with me every night. She has a ramp to the sofa and to the bed to make it easier for her to get in and out and because she has back problems.

    She sits in my lap a lot while I work. She's sitting in my lap right now.

    She doesn't like to eat out of a bowl so I put her food on the floor on a placemat.

    Last night she fell out of the bed so I put a bunch of pillows on the floor in case it happens again.

    I talk to her like she's a person.

    She tore up my sofa that's about three years old. It's completely ruined. I would be furious if a human did that.

    She poops on a certain rug I have in my living room....all the time! There is no human being on this planet that would still be allowed in my home if that happened but when she does it I go "Bad poo poo! Who made the bad poo poo!"

    She's cute and she knows it!
  12. These stories are so funny. My girl chi, Tulu, hates it when my boy chi, Paxton has a bone even if she has one. She will run over grab his and guard them both in her cage. She chews at it for literally 5 seconds and is done. She walks away from it and Paxton even looks in the direction of those bones, she runs back growls and lays down. It is the funniest thing. Needless to say, they are never allowed to be locked in the same cage with a bone.
  13. ^^ If I tell her to drop the bone, she drops it fast and gives me these sad eyes. She is very submissive when it comes to me or my DH and very dominant over the male chi, she even tries to hump him!!!
  14. Neither of my cats will eat leftover dry food in their bowl. It could be an hour old and they will not eat it if they already ate out of the bowl. So I have to just pour enough for one meal for both ( they tend to eat together at the same time it seems)...its actually quite funny. spoiled brats, but I love my kitties.
  15. That is so funny -- one of our rescues poops in my library & I always swear that ground hogs are sneaking into our house and leaving bad poo poo on the floor because no dog of mine would EVER poop in the house, especially not in the room with Mommy's BOOKS!