How Do You Know When Your Collection Is Complete?

  1. Good point... Need some color!
  2. Hi G&Smommy,
    I love this thread you started. Its interesting to see different peoples perspectives here. I have come to realize that for most obtaining even one Chanel bag is a dream come true, and the women like many of us, that are TPF followers have multitudes of colors, styles, leathers etc etc. So quite honestly "satisfaction or need" in our collections is a very relative thing! I think the replies here represent a very "Chanel sku'd population".

    I agree with many of you that have posted here, that there comes a saturation point, a point at which there is a decreasing desire to accumulate, and comes a desire to only buy for the passion of our personal style and taste.
    I am definitely at the stage where very few colors can fill a void in my collection. I also only prefer the classic styles, because I know that I out grow my likes and dislikes too quickly to support whimsical expensive seasonal buys. This realization comes with some maturity.
    Having said that, I feel somewhat safe buying classic Chanel's because I know that if they are well taken care of, they will hold their value, if not increase.
    The rationalization I use is that if I really want to buy a handbag and spend $5000 or more, I had better buy one that I can get rid of later and at least recover my money spent. So its a "safe spend", if that makes sense. For example, I have bought the elusive Jackie O gucci python for $6000 and know that if I wanted to sell it, i would be at a great loss.

    I don't buy handbags to sell, but its comforting to know that if I wanted to trade for a newer version of a particular color that my investment is holding. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I am content with my collection, but I don't feel I need to restrict myself to definite limits and look forward to the colors ahead. I had a very busy buying season this year but I had many basic voids to fill that many of you probably did years ago. I worked in reverse and bought colors several years ago and added my basic black, pearly beige, white and red now. Not to mention my Sparkle Beauty, which as ridiculous as it is, I just feel it requires no justification because I LOVE IT! I know I must be sounding like a hypocrite now, so I'll just move on......

    Price increases put us all in pressure mode, but then again that is what has driven the value up of all of our "older bags" and provided that 'safe spend' security. I can't compare jewelry purchases to bags, because jewelry and watches are almost always the 'smarter choice' because you wear them all the time. It also has to do with the stage of life you are at. If you are starting out, the joy of that first Chanel cannot be compared with your fifth!

    This forum desensitizes us to the "value" of $5000 spent. $5000 is indeed a vacation, a watch that lasts a lifetime, a jewel that gets passed on, a portion of college tuition, a new sofa for the whole family to enjoy, childcare while one pursues a hobby or a dream, new landscaping for your home, hehe ;)etc etc, you get my drift.........

    A Chanel Bag is a luxury splurge, 2 is ultimate, and 7,8,9.....well thats a collection that certainly is not the norm.....ladies lets all count our blessings.
    Let's enjoy and savor our collections, and the anticipation of whats next! But keep our spending in perspective to each ones individual circumstance (giving myself some self advice first:smile:)

    G&Smommy you have an exquisite collection to be admired by all:p
    I'm completely with you on the resistance level!
    I'm not sure I answered the question, but shared my viewpoints from my "CHANEL SKU'D PERCEPTION
  3. The price increases made me round off my collection quicker, but i (and it sounds like you too) am really happy with what i have and until i finish sufficiently using what is already in my closet, i just feel silly jumping on a new color just because i like it. Now it really has to have that "wow" factor
  4. No red! I try on red bags and always hesitate because I question how much I would wear them. I think the main reason I know I am done (or largely done) is because it is easier and easier to say no to beautiful bags!
  5. Maybe one day I will find a pop of color that I can see using regularly. I just haven't found one yet!

  6. Thanks Pursebop! I agree that this is a sku'd perspective. Need is relative and so many of us on this forum have enviable collections! We are all very lucky indeed to be able to acquire such lovely items and hopefully it comes with an appreciation and gratefulness for what we have! I am trying to just sit back a little and be grateful and appreciative for my collection. I find that the more I appreciate the items I have, the less I crave adding more. It is a good feeling. I also look forward to each new season and will not restrict myself if I am truly wowed by a new bag, but I will evaluate my purchases more closely now that I have all of the staple pieces and colors I have really wanted over the years. I agree with you on Classics. I feel they are the safest "investment" so to speak since they never go out of style and, if I were to resell (which I generally do not plan to), they will hold value the best.
  7. i actually bought my reissue 227 because of ur previous reveals :loveeyes::love: congratz on ur wonderful collection! :queen::woohoo: i just hope that someday i will get 2 that point of satisfaction :amuse: i luv ur vca & tennis bracelet btw :hbeat:
  8. Don't worry, I'm not going to hold you to the nos. ;) I feel the same way on most days! It is nice to have the staples covered so if something nice comes along, great! If not, you won't feel the urge to buy something that doesn't completely fits your current lifestyle.
  9. Thanks! I'm glad my reveals inspired you to a bag you love! My photos aren't always the greatest, but I try to provide as much info as I can. You will get there! My current collection represents over ten years of collecting!
  10. We have all eaten our words on "no more" more than once. LOL! I am still tempted bit try to use my head more than my heart now.
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    I have been buying Chanel for years, wayyyy before the insane prices and back when there were very little quality problems. I liked to collect bags. I liked knowing I had them, even if I do not wear them. I bought without thinking. Not any more!

    I am extreemly picky now. I used to buy a few bags each season and now I am lucky if I can find one that is worth my money. I love seasonal bags and they always would capture my intrest and not that many have. I may be jaded! After a while, the collecting this gets old and your money is better spent. In my case it was with VCA as well.

    To answer your first question here, I know mine is complete as I still have bags that I do not use and that is excessive in itself. I know there are still colors I want, but I am just not into the " collecting" frame of mind at all right now. I have a lot of bags , I just weeding my bags and they are more than enough. I want the lilac , but I would probally be scared to use it and if it got dirty, I would feel sick knowing I wasted 5k, when I could of spent that on amazing jewelry.
  12. Thanks sjunky! I also have many that are sitting in my closet with tags on them which makes it hard to justify adding another. Also, I compare prices to VCA now. Would I rather spend the $ on a bag that will likely sit in my closet or a piece of jewelry I am more likely to use every day? The jewelry is starting to win! There are still bags I want but I am doing a better job at talking myself out of them based on likely usefulness and cost. I have purchased too many bags (and other items) over the years just because they are pretty but then never used them, or did not use them enough to justify the cost. I am trying to do a better job in evaluating my purchases and making good buying decisions.
  13. Purge! I have with some and do not miss them, well one I do and regret it. But those that I have purged, I was able to get nice VCA and Cartier.
    I had 5 black flaps, I am down to 2. wtf was I doing with 5 black flaps? LOL. Jewelry makes me feel more feminine and is so pretty. A jumbo looks like other jumbos, KWIM?
    I wanted a Chanel bag this week, but got the VCA Frivole earrrings instead. Same price, I can see myself at 60 with the gorgeous earrings , the bag not so much.
    I honestly think for me it comes down to, they all do look alike. I admited it to myself , I would always justify it, but really they are too much alike.I do not want dupes of bags. No one can tell the difference and I wasn't feeling different having them all, so the answer was easy for me. ;)
  14. G&S Mommy..I thought I was the only one LOL. I dont have as many bags as yours but I can honestly say I feel that my collection is complete (as of right now). The price increases is a major turn-off for me.

    I remember getting this Chanel bag that I really really wanted. I opened and admired it for few minutes then just let it sit on top of my nightstand for days without even touching it. Some of my bags still have tags too. I guess the hunt is fun for me..

    It's easier to say no to Chanel now because of the price tags. I can buy fine jewelry, different brands, or even take a vacation for the price of a bag. I can't really wear my Chanel to work and only use it on the weekend (if it doesnt rain).

    I LOVE my bags and maybe one day I will be tempted to add more....but I am very happy with what I have now. :cool:
  15. I may sell a few. Most I am very happy with though and can see using enough to justify the price. My Jumbos don't get a lot of love right now, but I am afraid that will change in the future and I would regret letting go of them since they are classic colors. I have already purged a number of bags (I think I had a high of 18 bags, not including WOCs, at one point) and feel pretty comfortable with where I am now. I have colors and styles that work for my life and that I will get use out of.

    I know what you mean about sameness. That is why I can't justify new additions. Everything I see is just too similar to something I already have. It's a good place to be in. I never thought I would feel done!

    Congrats on the Frivole earrings! I love that ligne! Has your ring arrived yet?